Energy Swords

Referred to by a number of different names, these energy swords are the ultimate in melee weapons, and in the hands of a trained user can even be used to defend against ranged attacks.

A common design utilizes a gravitic field to create a variably-solid containment sheath for a powerful continuous ion, laser, or fusion stream. The gravitic field shapes the energy, gives solidity when blocking or parrying, and the energy stream is otherwise allowed to burn things touched. Basic models use a thumb switch to control the field’s mode. Others have a gravitically solid center. Older designs simply have an on/off toggle.

The resulting “lasersword” or “plasmablade” has incredible destructive capabilities. It can cut through bulkheads, vaporize projectiles mid-flight, ignite flammable material, and reflect energy blasts. The light weight of the energy “blade” means these are very fast weapons, good for lightning-quick strikes, blocks, and parries. The wielder’s melee (blade) score is considered to be +1 for the purposes of reducing the attacker’s attack role when parrying. Parries can also be made against ranged attacks with these weapons. For example – a character wielding one of thees laser-swords with the skill melee (blade) 2 would reduce the attacker’s roll by 3 points when they used the parry action.

These blades also allow a new type of reaction, known to the laser-saber masters as the “bunt block” (the origin of this phrase is lost to time). When successfully parrying a projectile attack with one of these weapons, the wielder can then make a difficult (-6) melee (blade) skill check to redirect the attack against a nearby target. Target reactions to dodge and rules for cover apply as though this were a regular attack roll.

Some of these weapons utilize specially tuned psionic crystals to allow psychic users to channel their mental powers into the weapons. Due to the nature of the psi-crystal’s tuning, these generally need to be purpose-built, either by the wielder, or by one versed in psionic crystallography. These versions add the wielder’s psionic attribute bonus to attack rolls and damage dealt and increase the cost of the weapon by %50.

At the referee’s discretion untrained users who bungle while wielding these blades might accidentally dismember or maim themselves.

Some versions include advanced safety controls that modulate the gravitic containment field in such a way that the wielder cannot hit themselves with the blade. A gravimetric sensor attached to a purpose-built safety computer controls the field, connected to an additional gravitic field that prevents the energy blade from touching whoever is holding the hilt. This safety feature increases the cost of the weapon by %30.

Long-handled energy spears are a variation on these weapons, but due to their shorter blades are not as good for defense, and give no bonus on parries. Short-bladed energy dirks are also sometimes built for close-quarter fighting, but are also not as useful for defense. Neither are usable for parrying ranged attacks – only the swords allow enough coverage.

Energy Swords

Weapon – TL, Required Skill, Damage, Heft, Cost (Cr.), Mass (Kg), Special

Basic – TL 14, melee (blades), 3d6 damage, 0 heft, 3,000 Cr., 2 Kg, Ultra-AP (ignores 6 points of armor)

Advanced – TL 15, melee (blades), 4d6 damage, 0 heft, 5,000 Cr., 2 Kg, Ultra-AP (ignores 8 points of armor)

Supreme – TL 16, melee (blades), 5d6 damage, 0 heft, 10,000 Cr., 2 Kg, Ultra-AP (ignores 10 points of armor)

Psi-crystal – TL 16, melee (blades), 5d6 + Psi modifier damage, 0 heft, 15,000 Cr., 2 Kg, Ultra-AP (ignores 10 points of armor)

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Demonchain Flail

This enhanced flail’s origin is with a chain devil, who fashioned the demonchain flail out of his own body so his brethren could wield power over demons.

Demonchain Flail
Level 5
This magically-enhanced +1 weapon was forged from the remains of a chain devil, and provides an additional +2 vs. demons.
Power (Daily): Standard action. Make two spiked chain attacks.
Power (Triggered): When first bloodied, make two spiked chain attacks.

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Sword of Damocles

Known for its troubling effects on men throughout spoken history, the sword of Damocles has left an indelible mark on the stories that frighten children. The sword itself is a cursed long sword of leadership -2 (attack, damage, and leadership rolls).

It is said that this weapon finds a way to lead the wielder into peril, and causes those led by the wielder to behave less faithfully. This sword is also deceptive; the wielder believes she is receiving bonuses rather than the hindrances.

Craft Wondrous Item; CL 11; Curse; Price: 15,000.

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“Three Strikes”

This longsword +2 has been passed down from generation to generation of elves, first discovered by Kiyarniar Buentiejal, famed founder of the wood elves Trangull Drevo. Rumors say that it was given to Kiyarniar by Corellon Larethian.

The owner can go below 0 hit points twice wielding this weapon, but on the third time her hit points reach 0, she finally dies, skipping stabilization attempts, etc.

This sword is also imbued with wounding.

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Hammer of Deafening

This +2 hammer, when slammed to the earth deafens those within 15 feet. A DC 20 is required to avoid this effect within 5′, a DC 18 for those within 10′ and a DC 16 for those within 15′. Those wielding the hammer are immune to this effect, though they tend to be a bit hard of hearing after a few uses.

Minor Evocation; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, sound burst, caster level 7; 10,000 gold

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The Sorrow of Ard Shurel (Magic Item)

The fragments of legend that can be pieced together in regards to this blade are few and scattered. It is whispered that Ard Shurel was a great Warlord, rising to power during the dawn of mankind. Little is known of his path to glory, but myths allude to his gentle spirit, compassionate heart, and endless ferocity.

Having gathered his brothers to his breast, Ard mastered the savage land he found around him. Slaying those who opposed him, and embracing those who would head his wisdom. Long was the struggle with the fel creatures of the night, but gradually a fragile balance was achieved and for a time he was at peace.

The mythos claims that his heart was captured by a beautiful maiden, and that he made her his bride. Fair and pure she was, tall and slender of neck. As all such things go, they were content for a time. Sadly, their happiness was short lived, for a demon of great power had been watching Ard, gnashing it’s great teeth in readiness for the day when it could strike him down.

Undar’gesh was a denizen of the shadows, a whisperer of lies. His minions lurked in darkness at fire’s edge, lusting for blood to quench their never ending thirst. For years they had hurled themselves upon Ard Shurel and his men, crashing down in endless waves upon them. Defeat had left Undar’gesh with a powerful thirst for revenge, and Shurel’s happiness was just another mortal weakness upon which to prey.

Each night the gloom demon would visit the beautiful bride, and whisper in her ear, casting long shadows of doubt in her mind. Her head and her heart became full of glass menageries, brittle and untrue. It was not long as demons measure time before Ard’s sweet wife was lost to her own madness.

The fierce heart of Ard Shurel was sundered. The gentle spirit, and just heart grew bitter and cold with grief. In a fit of rage, he took up his great blade and slew his beloved with a single blow. As he looked upon his dying love, her eyes were cleared of their madness and she had only kind words on her lips for her champion.

Going mad with the horror of what he had done, Shurel turned his blade on his own men, drowning his sorrow in their blood. As darkness stole across the land, and the sunlight bled beyond the horizon, Ard Shurel fell upon his own blade. The last light fled, and there upon the floor lay pulsing blood red blade, a faint sound of laughter echoing in the distance.

The Sorrow of Ard Shurel
+2 wounding man-bane bastard sword
Chaotic Evil – Ego Score: 15
Int: 14, Wis: 14, Cha: 10
Speaks common and abyssal
120 ft. vision and hearing
Powers: minor image 1/day, locaete object 3/day
Special Purpose: to destroy love wherever it is found
Dedicated Power: when the sword is around those who love each other (platonic or romantic) it can use song of discord at will.

Strong Mixed Auras; 135,000 gold

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Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzephyrians

It is sung in The Deed of Barael:

… we crossed the burning wasteland
sought out forgotten tomb
within a shattered chamber
beneath a broken moon
we looked amongst the ruins
where cities once did rise
from graves of fallen kings there
what doom shall rise

old legends tell of weapons
wielded by kings of old
crafted by evil wizards
unholy to behold
we seek the fire lances
led to the ancient grave
the world where they were masters
now lays in waste

let us live the prophecy
all you know will cease to be …

It is said that long ago the lands that are now the Middle Kingdoms were ruled by a band of friends; warrior lords who called themselves the Hyperzepharians. It is said that they wielded these weapons as they swept across the planes on steeds who flew with magic horseshoes.

In times long past, beset from the west by raiding gnoll tribes from the badlands, the beleaguered lords of that land traveled north to the temple of Baccob to beseech the mages there for aid defending their peoples. Unknown to them, the head clerics there had been seduced by the promises of Vecna, God of Secrets. After making a terrible bargain with the Priests of Secrets the warriors of the Hyperzephyrins were given these burning lances. At that time a prophecy was pronounced stating that the kings would defeat their enemies, but that upon their passing all that they knew would cease to be.

So great was the power of these weapons that all who faces them on the battlefield were laid low, and soon the gnolls were driven back. Emboldened by their power and their fearsome reputation, the kings of the Hyperzepharins made war on their neighbors, and took other’s lands for their own. After years of felling all who stood against them, they entered a long age of peace, and growing old, hid their magic lances and horseshoes and saddles for their sons to use if the need came.

But their subjugated neighbors never forgot that they were once free men, and under the banner of a rebel warlord from the east, they rose up and in a lightning war that swept the Hyperzepharian’s royal line from the land.

The secret of the resting place of the fire lances died with them, or so it was thought until recently….

Fire Lance

These +2 heavy lances are enchanted such that, upon the speaking of a command word, they are sheathed in flames, dealing an additional 1d6 points of damage on a successful hit. In addition, they are imbued with the power to unleash bolts of fire from their tips three times a day. Striking a target with a bolt requires a ranged touch attack, and deals 12d6 points of fire damage, no save.

Were the location of any of these weapons known, their market value would be considerable.

Strong transmutation and evocation; CL: 11; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, scorching ray; 68,000 gold

And once again, thanks to The Sword for inspiration – lyrics to “Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzephyrians” copyright 2008 The Sword, used without permission but with total respect and admiration.

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Discus of Annihilation

This metallic disc soars up to 120 feet away, striking targets for 3d8 dmg and returning to the wielder’s hand. Unfortunately, it has a limited number of strikes (usually around 10 charges) before it annihilates itself. Without specific training, it is difficult hard to be accurate with the discus. Wielders are required to have martial or exotic proficiencies to avoid penalties.

Variants that do not annihilate themselves include a sonic disc (1d8+1d6 sonic damage), flame disc (1d8+1d6 fire damage), holy discus (1d8+1d6 holy damage), etc, etc.

Craft Magic Arms, return to sender; permanency; Cost 12,000 gp. The only magic given off by the standard version is the return to sender spell. Alternate versions also give off the enchantments that provide each bonus.

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Spear and Shield of the Heavens

“…[he] Was moving toward the shore; his ponderous shield Ethereal temper, massy, large and round, Behind him cast; the broad circumference Hung on his shoulders like the Moon, whose Orb
Through Optic Glass the TUSCAN Artist views At Ev’ning from the top of FESOLE, Or in VALDARNO, to descry new Lands, Rivers or Mountains in her spotty Globe.

His Spear, to equal which the tallest Pine Hewn on NORWEGIAN hills, to be the Mast Of some great Ammiral, were but a wand, He walkt with to support uneasie steps…”

-Milton, Paradise Lost

These items are from a scene in the adventure-in-development “The Endless Road” from Unicorn Rampant Publishing. In it the party, while attempting to escape from the abyss on foot, come upon these items.

This spear and shield were carried by a famous archon in battle into the depths of hell, where it was used to slay a terrible fiend. There, in a blasted crater, it remains, clutched in the charred dead hands of that angel, plunged into the dead heart of the demon he slew, thereby dying.

In the aeons that have followed, the abyss has recoiled from these holy items, like an irritating grain of sand lodged in the fibers of it’s being. The blasted crater formed by the balor’s death has deepened and expanded, and bebelith have spawned in the blasted, lifeless lands around it.

The spear is a +2 cold iron holy longspear for medium sized creatures, or a short spear for a creature of titanic proportions.

The shield has a faint glow and a pearly luminescence about it, and is a +2 ghost touch shield that grants cold resistance 10 to it’s bearer.

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Blades of Glass

Researched for years by Malthalious the Inquisitive in an attempt to craft the ultimate weapon, eventually he invented a difficult and costly alchemical process through which an amalgam of diamond and adamantium is created. When used for the blade of a weapon, this material holds an edge keener than any other. Additionally the blades have a transparent quality: they appear to be made from glass or crystal of some type, with wide variations in hue and clarity depending on the quality of the work and imperfections in the materials.

Properties of weapons with Blades of Glass

  • Have the Keen property, though they are not magical
  • Must be masterwork, and cost an additional 5,000 gold to produce
  • Have a hardness of 3, much lower than steel or wood, and so are vulnerable to being sundered. Blades of Glass have 20 HP per inch of thickness, so a light blade has 1 HP, a one-handed blade has 3 HP, and a two-handed blade has 6 HP.
  • A DC 40 craft: metalworking and spellcraft check is required to produce the material

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