Minecraft.L2play.org is Online

This is a public post to announce that the Minecraft server that I have been building on is back up online and ready for adventurers. The server is a dungeon-filled homage to the Ultima games, but you don’t have to care about that to enjoy the first-person fantasy horror-survival experience that awaits you if you point your Minecraft client at multiplayer server minecraft.l2play.org.

monster-filled dungeons await the bold

It should be noted that this server is “adventure mode” only, which is necessary for the proper enjoyment of the difficult dungeons I’ve devised.

I’ll have more to say about the server and my vision for the Ultima IV tribute I’m building here in a later blog post.


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The Sword of Storms

This gleaming blue-steel blade is tied to the power of the storms, and in addition to it’s +2 enhancement bonus, deals an extra 1d6 points of lightning damage on a hit. Those who wield it resist 5 points of lightning damage from any source. Additionally, the weapon can strike with the power of a thunderclap – once per day, upon a successful blow, the wielder can force an opponent to succeed on a DC 15 Constitution, Fortitude, or Petrify/Polymorph saving throw, or be pushed back 10 feet and stunned for one round.

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