Blades of Glass

Researched for years by Malthalious the Inquisitive in an attempt to craft the ultimate weapon, eventually he invented a difficult and costly alchemical process through which an amalgam of diamond and adamantium is created. When used for the blade of a weapon, this material holds an edge keener than any other. Additionally the blades have a transparent quality: they appear to be made from glass or crystal of some type, with wide variations in hue and clarity depending on the quality of the work and imperfections in the materials.

Properties of weapons with Blades of Glass

  • Have the Keen property, though they are not magical
  • Must be masterwork, and cost an additional 5,000 gold to produce
  • Have a hardness of 3, much lower than steel or wood, and so are vulnerable to being sundered. Blades of Glass have 20 HP per inch of thickness, so a light blade has 1 HP, a one-handed blade has 3 HP, and a two-handed blade has 6 HP.
  • A DC 40 craft: metalworking and spellcraft check is required to produce the material

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