Galactic Death Squads, LLC (GDS)

The largest and most notorious killer-for-hire outfit in the rim, the GDS motto is “Anyone, anywhere. Guaranteed.” Their reputation on this point is impeccable.

As a result of their fearsome reputation they are variously called “Death, Incorporated.”, “Death Itself”, “Goram Dam Shit”, or even “The Gods” or “Gods of Death.”

Despite GDS’s mystique, they are more of a network of assassins than an organized mercenary company. Their agents are said to suffuse the galaxy, crossing all borders and able to strike at anyone, anywhere in the galaxy.

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Planet of the Cybertank


an adventure for Traveller or other science-fiction role-playing games

for player characters with access to a light starship or armored fighting vehicles


In a quiet system the Player Characters (PCs) receive a distress signal from another spaceship – scrap salvagers stranded on a forbidden zone amber planet (UWP X642000-0). The small world, Zinah 2, was once host to a mining colony. Starchart library data indicates that it was irradiated by nuclear weaponry and abandoned 200 years ago.

Adventure Overview

This adventure has the players land to investigate a distress signal, only to also be stranded on planet by a massive tank piloted by an artificial intelligence. They will have to use skill and guile to escape from the planet.

As an alternative scenario, if the travellers have access to grav tanks or similar military equipment, they may be hired to eliminate the cybertank so that salvage can be collected or a new mining colony can be established.

The Cybertank’s Domain

From orbit the automated emergency distress signal appears to be coming from the highly radioactive wreckage of a type A Free Trader “SS SWAMPDOGE”. The wreck is on the outskirts of the ruins of a mining outpost.

When the players arrive in orbit the cybertank is in its repair bunker in low-power mode (see below). A difficult (-6 DM) sensors check is required to detect the cybertank there and the PCs will likely land before they are aware of it.planet of the cybertank map - medium (more…)

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