The Lich – a Hip-Hopera of Extraordinary Magnitude

The Lich is an epic tale of one wizard’s shot at immortality. Mayhem ensues. Give it a listen and get your copy over at Damp Heat’s bandcamp site:

released 30 March 2013
Story, Lyrics, Beats, Art, Engineering, and Mixing (what’s mastering?) by Daniel P. Smith
Lyrical tweaks and fixes by W. Ryan Willingham and Christopher Terry Leone
Clarinet on Forest by Adam A. Thompson
Guitars on Copy of a Map by Dan Lavoie
Guitars on Guild by Joe Madden

Voice Credits
Dot Smith – Narrator
Emily Summerfield – Narrator, Farm Girl
Cee Monstah – Immir, a Wizard; Positive Energy Elemental; and the Butler
Dirty Dub – Corsair, a Warrior; and Dock Worker
Damp Heat – Paul, a Woodsman; Mage Guildsman; Tavern patron
Bad Barry – a Manticore
Stormshadow – another Manticore
Emcee Eats – Vampire Lord
Jomo – Master of the Mage’s GuildChorus (Tavern patrons, Vampire Spawn, Corpse Golem, Other Dock Workers, Guild Members):
Adam A. Thompson
Frank J. Kim
Cindie Jones
John Wayne Akin
Ethan Schrupp
Ryan Gardner

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Sea Currents of Findor

At the farthest north-eastern reaches of Soralia, this region is marked on old maps as Findor. The land is more popularly known among the travelers of the day as The Pirate Kingdoms – named after the area’s sea-raiders, a plague of the Soral Sea. Strongholds, towns and villages dot the landscape alongside temples and ruins, marks of lineages and creeds both extant and extinct.

The ocean currents rule this land and shape its people’s ways. A general counter-clockwise current brings cold air southwest from the arctic above the pirate kingdoms down south within fifty miles of Setheria Isle, home of the archmages, which tower provides the marker for the shift in course from southwest to southeast. Continuing southward, the current skirts the Princedoms of Ogham, providing the first opportunities for those who rise this circuit for trade and plunder. From there it meets warm southern winds from the plains and deserts that form the southern bound of the eastern Soral Sea. The winds cool the southerly plains as raiders from the north trade and plunder as they will. The current then proceeds along with the prevailing wind and carries warm air west and then north across the Great Gulf, as the captains of the Pirate Kingdoms call it, seeing as there are no lands east of there. Careful, always keeping the shadows of their masts at their shortest on the left shoulder of the steersman as a guide for their return to Grimsport and the lands of their birth, lest they be carried into the northeastern sea and the isles of ice there. They return along with the warm spring rains from the south, which temper the chill pouring south over the peaks of the Barrier Mountains and water the springs, rivers, plains, woods, hills and valleys of this rough northern land.

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