4e D&D Ritual – Regeneration

Following up on our last article on new Fourthcore criticals here is a ritual that healers can use to re-grow those severed limbs.

Stay tuned for the next article in this series, “Character Scars and Maiming”, because everybody has more fun when the characters get messed up.

Applying sacred ungents to your comrade’s severed wrist, you pray to the gods of life to restore wholeness to their body. To your companion’s astonishment, your wounded friend’s hand begins to slowly grow out of the stump of their arm.

Component Cost: 250 gp for heroic tier characters, 2,500 for paragon tier, and 25,000 for epic tier characters.
Market Price: 520 gp
Key Skill: Heal (no check)
Level: 7
Category: Restoration
Time: 4 hours
Duration: Instantaneous

This ritual re-grows a severed limb on a living creature over the course of four hours.

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We have been following the exciting 4thcore developments at Save Versus Death, and thought we’d add to the table joy.  For information on 4thcore, that 4thgore playfully plays off of, read the manifesto at saveversusdeath.com and return to this post.  Here is a supplemental table to add more gore to your games.

In a high-gore 4thcore game, roll 1d20 to establish painful effects of a critical hit (or miss, if you were to apply this chart to effects for damage from friendly fire).  The non-severed effects can be undone in non-combat rounds by spending a healing surge, making the duration of these effects is “for the rest of the encounter”.  For each of the locations where there is more than one potential target (for characters and creatures with 2 arms, 4 legs, 5 heads, etc), roll an appropriate die to determine which is affected.  Severed limbs require rituals to mend.

And in a somewhat more friendly HTML text format:

Roll Effect location Full description of effects
1 Hand Target’s hand is severed from the wrist, and target drops anything in its hand.
2 Wrist Target’s wrist is crushed, making all actions target attempts with that hand -4.
3 Elbow Target’s elbow is bent back, affecting all actions with that hand at -2.
4 Shoulder Target’s shoulder is pulled out of socket, rendering it useless.  2nd hit severs it from the torso.
5 Finger Target’s finger is severed, rendering fine motor skills with that hand useless.
6 Chest Target’s ribs are cracked, reducing Athletics and Endurance rolls by -5.
7 Chest Target loses breath, is winded and is stunned (save ends).
8 Chest Target’s heart is pierced and is wounded, taking 10 points of damage at the beginning of every turn.
9 Abdomen Target’s abdomen is knotted, and target is weakened (save ends).
10 Abdomen Target’s abdomen is bruised, and target is knocked prone.
11 Abdomen Target’s abdomen is pierced, and target is dazed (save ends) and takes 5 points of damage every turn.
12 Groin Target’s groin is ripped, negating actions requiring Acrobatics and Stealth.
13 Hip Target’s hip is pulled out of socket, reducing move by 2 squares (min 1).  2nd hit severs it.
14 Upper Leg Target’s upper leg is gouged, pushing the target back 1 square.
15 Knee Target’s knee is crushed and target is knocked prone.  Target must make save to stand.
16 Lower Leg Target’s lower leg is severely cut, and target is knocked prone.
17 Ankle Target’s ankle is sprained, a target receives a -5 on Acrobatics, Athletics, Endurance, and Stealth rolls.
18 Foot Target’s foot is crushed, reducing move by 2 squares (min 1).
19 Head Target’s head is bruised and target is dazed (save ends).
20 Head Target’s head is severed cleanly (or rather messily) from the shoulders.

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