These worms are found in books throughout the Great Library. They infest the spines of books and consume paper, parchment, and leather, and flesh if it is unwittingly offered to them.

Bookworms manifest as a disease, with a series of increasingly-difficult saves – DC 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 – as a PC is repeatedly affected by bookworms in ancient tomes.  The effects of a bookworm include acute skin rashes dealing 1d6 damage per day and flare-ups which deal 2d6 damage every hour.

Bookworms are also known for preventing the effectiveness of healing effects.  They can only be removed with a long bath of purified water and a remove disease spell.

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This disease is brought on by contact with murkspores or murkweed, symptoms of murkiness include the inability to concentrate and general malaise.  In combat, this translates to being dazed for the first 3 rounds of the victim’s next combat, until the adrenaline of battle counteracts the effects of murkiness.

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