Ale Break: Romantic Musings

Writing romantic storylines for your players is very different from the typical RPG story. But as a potential source of interesting dramatic storytelling it’s tempting to try.

Fantasy writers have never had to think up something romantic for a specific person, guessing at what they’ll like, and role-play it out with their audience while looking that person in the eye.

It brings up all type of issues, even if you’re two players who’s characters play out some type of romance.

Which player do you write the 1st romantic storyline for? Or do you try to write a storyline for each of them that takes place at the same time?

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The Tomb of Athganazar (Introduction)

Athganazar, the feared Archmage of Wayrenth has died. The loss of the wizard has been a great blow to the city and the Duke has begun to seek out replacements for the position of wizard to the court.

This however is not what has brought you all here to the city but instead it is the promise of both riches and power which were offered in the riddle that appeared on the door to Athganazar’s tomb the morning after he was laid to rest…

Five are the tests Athganazar told
To wealth and power for ones so bold
When the wizard was dying, his time at an end
The key he shattered for those to mend
Find one, find two, find three, find four
‘Twil be all for naught until restored
To gain the key will mean one more test
Then after it’s over a much deserved rest
For you’ll have found the prize of the great archmage,
…His wealth of treasure, gold and page.

News of this message spread fast across the realm and has led to what amounts to the greatest scavenger hunt of the age, with treasure seekers looking for clues as to both where to find these key fragments as well as for more information as to where these “tests” are supposed to take place.

Many have sought answers in the Mage’s home, school and the places where he was raised as a child but your group seems the first to have actually discovered the wizard’s testing ground, here beneath his very tomb.

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