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After playing Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) for more than thirty years, I often interpret a film or book as though it were a group of people playing. Here’s my take on Game of Thrones as if it were a game of D&D that George R.R. Martin was Dungeon Mastering.

Don’t worry, I have some more of these memes on the way.

Sometimes when you’re playing D&D the Dungeon Master does something to a Player Character that the Player never wants to happen again. Sometimes players take a setback personally or badly. Resourceful players will often then try to take precautions against a reoccurrence of the unpleasantness. Having your character’s favorite thing destroyed or stolen often makes players furious, as just one example. It’s a natural reaction to a traumatic event.

In Game of Thrones, if Circe were a PC, her Player’s apparent reaction to being taken prisoner included getting a giant, golden-cat-helmed, Frankenstein-esque murdering machine who was sworn to destroy all her enemies.


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Vesuvius Heavy Combat Walker

These massive war machines, dubbed “assault mechs” by their designers, dominated the battlefield at the height of the stellar era. Their moniker came from the fact that these types of combat walkers were designed and used to spearhead ground assaults and to destroy or hold objectives. Few other ground units are as heavily armed and armored – these walkers are even able to face off against light starfighters.

Vesuvius Combat WalkerThis combat walker is a TL 14 update of the fabled Galactic Monopoly (GM) Vesuvius-class assault mech with the latest in gauss, fusion and rocket weaponry. The anthropomorphic form, advanced fire control systems and neural control helmet allow humanoid pilots unparalleled reaction time and accuracy. It also carries the most armor of any combat walker design that saw widespread use.

Cost (Cr.) 31,705,700
TL 14
Skill drive (walker)
Agility 1
Speed 125 kph
Range 800 km
Crew 1 pilot
Cargo none
Open no
Hull 16
Structure 17
Armor  150 (225 front, 100 left and right, 75 rear, 100 top, 100 bottom) +13 (ERA)
Shipping Size 75 tons
Height 24 meters
– hard point (right arm) – 22mm heavy gauss cannon (14d6 mega-AP, very distant range, 100 rounds), 19 spaces, 10,000,000 Cr
– hard point (left arm) – RF Plasma B Gun (14d6 destructive, distant range, auto 4) 16 spaces, 1,500,000 Cr
– missile bay (torso) – artillery rocket pod (16d6, distant range, auto 12, 30 rockets) 4 spaces, 52,000 Cr
– improved fire control (+4 DM)  100,000 Cr
– manipulator arms (Str 24, Dex 16)  190,000 Cr
– laser anti-missile system (TL 13, +2 to negate hits, 2D6 damage), 4 spaces, 250,000 Cr
– explosive reactive armor type IV, 0 spaces, 125,000 Cr
– neural link (+2 initiative, +2 agility),  1,050,000 Cr
– advanced navigation (+3 DM),  50,000 Cr
– TL 10 communications (encrypted continental), 1 space, 8,000 Cr
– advanced electronic countermeasures (TL 14, +3 DM, ), 40,000 Cr
– advnaced sensors (TL 14, +2 DM, very distant range), 1 space, 62,500 Cr
– hostile environment protection, 1 space, 50,000 Cr
– life support (short-term, 1-4 days), 1 space, 20,000 Cr
– stealth (class III, +3 DM),  3,200,000 Cr
– smoke, 0.5 spaces, 1,000 Cr
– flares, 0.5 spaces, 1,200 Cr
– chaff, 0.5 spaces, 2,000 Cr
– prismatic aresol, 0.5 spaces, 4,000 Cr
– extra armor (superdense) x 15,  15,000,000 Cr

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