Winged Helm

This helmet, fittingly adorned by giant wings, allow the wearer to fly at various speeds, depending on the size of the adorning wings. Activating the item takes a standard action, as the wearer must rub the feathers with saliva not unlike the way a cat preens itself.

The helm in the picture is the minor version of the helm, which allows the wearer to float a foot off the ground with very limited mobility, essentially hovering and moving at half speed.

The normal version (with 18″ wings) provides fly at the wearer’s normal move and the greater version (with 6′ wings) provides flight up to 100′ per round.

Originally researched and developed by Djander, mage counsel to the King of Vandor in the waning days of his kingdom. When the king passed, the land split into the Ten Princedoms, and the Winged Helms allow the Princes to travel quickly across the sea to convene meetings to continue to rule the land. As such, there are ten Winged Helms, one each in possession of the princes.

Price: 25,000gp
Price, minor: 12,500gp
Price, major: 50,000gp

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