Hyperspace Horrors, FTL Fiends, and Warp Devils

Called space demons by some, these horrifying creatures are believed to originate from outside the known universe. Scientists posit that they are a psionic phenomena, manifesting in our perceived reality through unknown processes. Experiments with psionics or jump space technology that manipulate the fundamental laws of physics have sometimes been known to manifest these types of creatures.

Varied in appearance, these creatures display anatomies and abilities with little resemblance to most life-forms of known space. Some seem to have intellects and psychic powers, while others seem to simply be ravenous beasts. Many have horrible or impossible-seeming physiology, such as the lack of an apparent skin, multiple heads, or protruding bones.

The following creatures are just a few examples of the types of creatures that sometimes come to the Travellers’ universe from outside normal space.


First encountered during the Second Imperium when a rogue scientist used surgery and mutagens to stimulate psionic abilities in test subjects. Investigators believe some type of alien entity or psionic parasite merged with one of the test subjects and gained control of the host. The resulting hybrid creature then propagated its kind among the other test subjects. After contact was lost with the base one of the first squads of Imperial anti-psyker Inquisitor-Marines was sent to cleanse the research station. Cleansing the station resulted in significant casualties, including incurable insanity in the lead Inquisitor.

These creatures have strong psionic powers and are able to command sentient creatures and project a false appearance into other’s minds. They will endeavor to separate a group and use a false appearance to ambush lone members when their guard is down. Fairly intelligent, they will often retain many of the skills of their host. Some will eat the brains and bodies of their victims, though they will instead infect psionic creatures with the psychic parasite. Groups of them coordinate using telepathy.

Appearance – Horribly disfigured humanoid creatures with gaping maws of razor-sharp teeth.
size 6 (50 kg)
Strength 2d6 (7), Dexterity 2d6 (7), Endurance 2d6 (7), Intelligence 8, Instinct 8, Pack 2, Psionic 12
Skills – athletics 0, melee 0, recon 0, survival 0, (any other from host – often includes gun combat 0), psionics (telepathy) 3
Weapons – teeth 1d6 damage (or by weapon)
Armor – 2 (or humanoid armor as available)


An incident on the research station at a Lagrange point of Zaftel IV resulted in the death of the entire science staff. Video footage recovered from the station shows the staff being torn to pieces by a large creature that appeared during tests of the short-distance teleportation experiment being conducted there. Although quarantine procedures were properly followed, the creature somehow managed to get on board the first rescue ship and kill several of their crewmembers before it was destroyed.

Appearance – A hulking brute with claws, teeth, chitinous plates, spikes and horns, resembling a huge demonic dog.
size 9 (450 kg)
Strength 4d6 (14), Dexterity 2d6 (7), Endurance 4d6 (14), Intelligence 4, Instinct 8, Pack 3
Skills – athletics 2, melee (claws and teeth) 2, recon 1, survival 0, psionics (teleportation) 1
Weapons – claws and teeth 2d6+2 damage
Armor 6


These small parasites were discovered when they overwhelmed a colony ship following a misjump. They have a hypnotic psi power, which they use to pacify a target and implant their spawn. Within a few days the host dies as the parasites consume their internal organs, all the while using their growing psychic powers to kept the victim insensitive to the pain.

Appearance – Many-legged insect-like creatures, with huge mandibles and a long egg-injecting stinger.
size 3 (6 kg)
Strength 1d6 (4), Dexterity 2d6 (7), Endurance 2, Intelligence 4, Instinct 8, Pack 5, Psionic 7
Skills – athletics 2, melee (teeth) 2, recon 1, survival 0, psionics (telepathy) 1
Weapons – teeth 1d6 damage
Armor 3

Art by Spencer Nuzum and Adam A. Thompson

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