business botIn outer space trade is a risky proposition. Between space pirates, aliens, and the legal vagaries of different planetary governments it can be difficult to even get goods from place to place. If space merchants encounter poor prices when they try to sell their goods, all of their hard work does them no good monetarily.

For Travellers buying and selling goods in spaceports an experienced broker can be the difference between making a healthy profit and barely scraping by. In Traveller, for every transaction each point of the Broker skill results in a %5 difference in price. Yet many Traveller players will not choose careers that might give them the required skills.

For crews that find themselves slowly going bankrupt a clever solution is a droid with the broker skill. The BrokerBot-73, a common model mass produced by Vinestead-X-Interstellar (VXI), comes loaded with Broker 2, Admin 2, and Translator 1, making them capable of managing trade in multiple languages, and getting good prices. The advertisements claim that a BrokerBot-73 “can increase profits from interstellar trade by an average of %20 (profit increase not guaranteed.)”

BrokerBot-73 (TL 13)
Strength 6 (+0), Dexterity 6 (+0), Hull 2, Structure 2
Intelligence 9 (+1), Education 12 (+2), Social Standing 7 (+0)
Traits: Computer/3 (running Intellect/1 and Expert Broker/2 – BrokerBots also have Expert Admin/2 and Translator/1 available)
Weapons: Punch (Melee (unarmed), 1d6 damage)
Price: 120,000 Credits


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