Prehensile Fang Armor

Why attack them when they can hurt themselves attacking you?

Inspired by foes of Hluyuk Tikimit, the quivering porcupine, this legendary full-body armor appears as a typical suit of jet-black leather armor. However, when the wearer is attacked, it puffs up and strikes at the attacker, sending prehensile, poison-tipped fangs into the assailant’s flesh.

The wearer can also disengage the fangs, which then serve as poison daggers with spiraled-bone handles. In crisis mode, the armor projects the gruesome fang daggers as a standard ranged attack.

The wearer looks out on the world through a narrow slit, providing identity obfuscation for night-time antics.

For each day that the prehensile fang armor is worn, there is a cumulative 1% chance of it poisoning the wearer, so this deadly weapon of an armor must be used sparingly.

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Sylvanthread Armor

This extremely light cloth armor is made of finely-woven sylvanthread. Speed while wearing sylvanthread is 40 feet for medium creatures, or 30 feet for small. The armor has an arcane spell failure chance of 5%, a maximum Dexterity bonus of +6 and no armor check penalty. It is considered extra-light armor and weighs 5 pounds.

Sylvanthread armor provides a +4 AC bonus.

No aura (nonmagical); Price 3,250 gp.

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Crystal Plate Mail

This armor is made from the same magical mix of adamantium and diamond that Glass Swords are constructed from. As armor, this material is not only as tough as the finest steel, giving a +1 enhancement bonus to AC, but also protects the wearer from magical effects.

When targeted by a spell there is a %50 chance that the spell is reflected. This operates like spell turning, with the exception that the spell bounces off the plate mail’s surface in a random direction (roll d8 for scatter direction) and distance (2d12 -1 squares). If a creature is in the square that the spell is reflected into, it is instead the subject of the spell. This ability is the equivalent to a +4 enhancement bonus in terms of magic item price.

Major Abjuration; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, spell turning, caster level 17; 25,000 gold

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Buckler of Hum

A +1 shield that acts as a pickup/amp for musical instruments, extending their sonic range, and thus the range on bard abilities by 20′ in all directions. Usually bards cannot wield shields; this is an exception.

Only bards receive the special bonuses; other classes only receive the +1 shield bonus.

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Spirit Armor

Originally crafted in the Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia, this armor is generally constructed of the finest bright steel, decorated with shining gold or silver. Other armors that bear this enchantment have a ghostly, translucent appearance. The highest hosts of heaven have been said to march into battle against injustice wearing this holy mail.

Armor enchanted with the Spirit Armor quality protects the soul of the wearer. As such, they confer a holy bonus to Fortitude and Will saves against Enchantment, Necromancy, and mind-affecting spells and effects. The Minor version confers a +2 bonus, Medium a +4, and Major a +6. This bonus is also applied to attempts to sever the wearer’s silver cord when traveling astrally. Double this bonus is applied against spells that specifically target the soul, such as magic jar and trap the soul.

Minor – Faint abjuration; CL 5th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, magic circle against evil; Price +1,500 gp.

Medium – Moderate abjuration; CL 9th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, death ward; Price +5,250 gp.

Major – Strong abjuration; CL 13th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, dispel evil; Price +12,000 gp.

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Light Dragon Armor

Fashioned by the famed and venerable dwarven blacksmith Tibal, this shiny scale-like armor gives off a perpetual light when worn. It is not armor with a light spell cast upon it, but a rather strange force that is not understood by either mages nor clerics.

It gives off a faint glow of magic, but that is not due to what powers the light. Nobody is quite sure why this particular suit of ancient armor gives off such a glow.

Light armor is, in fact, a light armor, so it affects the abilities of spellcasters and rogues much like leather armor.

It turns out it is powered by the heart of a silver dragon named Saribet which once lived high in the mountains. As such, this armor affords a 50% damage reduction against all things draco.

Since this item is unique, its value is priceless. Its location is unknown.

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Poison Armor

This cursed armor sends a poison through a set of small needles into the flesh of its wearer. Poison armor is available in all forms of armor. Alternates include poison clothing of various sorts. Common targets include noble outfits.

The poison deals 1d4 Con damage every minute that it is worn. In the first minute the wearer experiences a mild euphoria, then in the second a dense high. It is not until the wearer has taken 8 or more Con damage that she realizes she is unwell. Once the curse is lifted and the armor is removed, the wearer takes 1d4 Con damage per hour until the poison is cured.

Moderate necromancy; CL 7th; Craft Wondrous Item, poison; Price 56,000 gp. It takes many days to properly prepare this armor trap.

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Undersea Armors

These armors are often worn by soldiers of the Deep Sea Gnomes, but are not uncommon among the other underwater races.

Sharkskin Armor This very tough light armor is made from the hide of the sea’s deadliest predators. Exceptionally supple and light, underwater combatants prise it for it’s unrestrictiveness. Additionally, skilled armor-crafters can fashion this armor so that the shark’s sharp scales act as armor spikes by alternating the bands of skin, causing the scales’ edges to protrude. Special oils must be used to keep the armor supple and preserve it in aquatic environments.

Armor Bonus: +3 Maximum Dex Bonus: +5 Armor Check Penalty: 0 Arcane Spell Failure Chance: 10% Speed (30ft): 20 ft. Speed (20ft): 15 ft. Weight: 15 lb. Cost: 35 gold

Sharkbone Armor About as protective and tough as a breastplate, parts of the shark’s cartalige, connected by sharkskin, are fashioned into a medium armor that mainly protects the torso. Skilled undersea-armorworkers can incorporate the shark’s jaws and teeth to create ridges of shark-tooth armor spikes on this armor. The cartilige of a sharkbone breastplate remains tough and supple in aquatic environments and does not impede the wearer’s movement much. However, if it is taken out of the water for more than a day or so it dries out and becomes brittle, stiff and useless as armor.

Armor Bonus: +5 Maximum Dex Bonus: +3 Armor Check Penalty: -2 Arcane Spell Failure Chance: 25% Speed (30ft): 20 ft. Speed (20ft): 15 ft. Weight: 30 lb. Cost: 300 gold

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Spear and Shield of the Heavens

“…[he] Was moving toward the shore; his ponderous shield Ethereal temper, massy, large and round, Behind him cast; the broad circumference Hung on his shoulders like the Moon, whose Orb
Through Optic Glass the TUSCAN Artist views At Ev’ning from the top of FESOLE, Or in VALDARNO, to descry new Lands, Rivers or Mountains in her spotty Globe.

His Spear, to equal which the tallest Pine Hewn on NORWEGIAN hills, to be the Mast Of some great Ammiral, were but a wand, He walkt with to support uneasie steps…”

-Milton, Paradise Lost

These items are from a scene in the adventure-in-development “The Endless Road” from Unicorn Rampant Publishing. In it the party, while attempting to escape from the abyss on foot, come upon these items.

This spear and shield were carried by a famous archon in battle into the depths of hell, where it was used to slay a terrible fiend. There, in a blasted crater, it remains, clutched in the charred dead hands of that angel, plunged into the dead heart of the demon he slew, thereby dying.

In the aeons that have followed, the abyss has recoiled from these holy items, like an irritating grain of sand lodged in the fibers of it’s being. The blasted crater formed by the balor’s death has deepened and expanded, and bebelith have spawned in the blasted, lifeless lands around it.

The spear is a +2 cold iron holy longspear for medium sized creatures, or a short spear for a creature of titanic proportions.

The shield has a faint glow and a pearly luminescence about it, and is a +2 ghost touch shield that grants cold resistance 10 to it’s bearer.

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Shan’n’nur buckler / Witchwarden buckler

These bucklers grants spell resistance to the wielder, leaving the hand free to perform the arcane gestures needed to cast spells.

When the Shan’n’nur assemble to confront a rogue spellcaster, they do so en mass. They are a unnerving sight, dressed provocatively beneath their long robes, wearing ceremonial masks, bucklers on their arms, and wand or sword in their hands. Seeing them, none can doubt that their prey are doomed.

The bucklers confer a +1 shield bonus to AC, just as a normal finely crafted buckler would. They are also generally enchanted to provide a +1 enhancement bonus to AC. In addition, they grant the wielder Spell Resistance 13.

Made of the finest metals and engraved with the arcane symbols of Shan’n’nur warding, these shields do not confer an armor check penalty. Even as light as they are, they sometimes interfere with arcane gestures, and cause a 5% chance of arcane spell failure.

Finally, as with all bucklers, the armor bonus is not applied for these bucklers on the turn that their wearer used their shield arm to attack or cast a spell. The SR is still applied, however.

Strong abjuration; CL 15th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, spell resistance; Price 9,165 gold; Weight 3 lbs.

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