New Adventure: The Ruins of Soguer

We’ve started layout for the new 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure The Ruins of Old Soguer. As part of the process we’re gathering together some of the last pieces of art: the cartography. On our Facebook page you can see a preview of the cover art, and the interior art is pretty much done, but I wasn’t totally satisfied with the black and white maps I had made. So I’ve busted out the drawing tab and am adding a splash of color. Here’s a peek at what the maps look like.

Waddaya think?  Let me know in the comments below.


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Alter of Transfixation (reworked)

I have worked up a new version of the altar for use in High Water Marks, a 4e adventure due out later this month.

Altar of Transfixion

Level 5 Warder | XP 500

The ziggurat-shaped altar ahead has a swirling aura about it, oscillating wildly in scintillating patterns.

Trap: This shrine is linked to the Abyss, and attempts to daze those in its area of effect while its worshipers strike.

Perception: No skill check required.

Additional Skill: Religion

DC 16: The character recognizes the altar as a source of active, malevolent evil.

DC 24: The character can read the runes – see Additional Description, below.

Initiative: +6

Trigger: Approach within 3 squares.

Attack: Attack again when others enter. 
No Action Close Burst 3 
Attack: +10 vs. Will

Hit: The altar deals 1d6+1 psychic damage, the target is dazed (save ends) and the altar pulls the target 1 square closer.


– An adjacent character can disable the trap with 3 DC 24 Thievery checks or 3 DC 24 Religion checks (with a holy symbol).

– Dealing 50 holy/radiant damage destroys the altar.

– Covering the altar or surrounding it in complete darkness reduces the attack to +5 vs. Will.

Additional Description: 
Runes run along the steps of the ziggurat spelling out the name “Tharizdun” in Abyssal and a warning regarding the horrors that he inspires.

Additional Effect: 
If Tharizdun’s name is uttered (in any language) in the aura of the altar, the altar makes a Close Burst 5 +10 Will attack, dealing 3d10 damage to all affected.

DMs Note: The altar is intended to be used to enhance the difficulty and dynamics of an encounter with similarly malevolent creatures, such as demons.



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