Warp Gate Rings – TL 18+

At the height of the Nicerian Empire’s power and technological advancement, they were the unquestioned ruling power of the region. A network of warp jump gates spanned the region, and allowed the Empire’s ships reach and speed that none could stand against. Their capital was said to be protected by an invincible battlestation, now jokingly refereed to as “Walhalix” in the regional myths.

When their capital’s sun exploded, so did the suns of all of the Nicerian core worlds with jump rings. The event that triggered the first nova spread like wildfire through the warp tunnels that the rings made, igniting dozens of stars into blazing nova. This multi-star apocalypse scoured the Empire’s core systems of all life, melting most of their planets and sending their remains to scatter into the void of space.

Now, thousands of years later, the remnants of those worlds float, brilliant strands of glowing color against the darkness beyond the galactic rim.

The Nicerians built jump gate rings that could create a jump gate for ships all the way up to 10,000 tons, and at the time of the nova most Imperial traffic was carried by 10,000 ton ship carriers like the space hulk at Skein Reach subsector 6, hex 0201. For military operations, they would load up the ship carriers with monitors, fighter carriers, and troop transports as needed.

The jump gates transported ships both ways, and depending on the ring and the power input can transport ships at the equivalent speed of jump 1 to jump 6.

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Mining Droids

Manufactured in the Skein Reach by the Katoba Corporation under license from Galactic Mining Equipment, these mining droids all come equipped with a grav drive, a mining laser, a manipulator appendage, and ore storage. With a basic intellect and mining software, these droids can mine without the constant supervision required by drones, and are therefore preferred by large mining operations such as AMC in Micon.

MSM-X47 – Strength 14 (+2), Dexterity 10 (+1), Hull 4, Structure 4

Traits: Armour 9, Integral System (grav floater), large, Specialised Computer/1 (running Intellect/1 and gun combat (0) Expert Trade (mining)/1)

Weapons: multi-spectrum mining laser (3d6+3), manipulator (unarmed), 2d6 damage)

Price: 105,000 Credits


TSL-9 Strip Excavator – Strength 11 (+1), Dexterity 10 (+1), Hull 4, Structure 4

Traits: Armour 8, Integral System (grav floater), large, Specialised Computer/1 (running Intellect/1 and Expert Trade (mining)/1)

Weapons: broad-beam mining laser (3d6), manipulator (unarmed), 2d6 damage)

Price: 95,000 Cr

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Planet of the Cybertank


an adventure for Traveller or other science-fiction role-playing games

for player characters with access to a light starship or armored fighting vehicles


In a quiet system the Player Characters (PCs) receive a distress signal from another spaceship – scrap salvagers stranded on a forbidden zone amber planet (UWP X642000-0). The small world, Zinah 2, was once host to a mining colony. Starchart library data indicates that it was irradiated by nuclear weaponry and abandoned 200 years ago.

Adventure Overview

This adventure has the players land to investigate a distress signal, only to also be stranded on planet by a massive tank piloted by an artificial intelligence. They will have to use skill and guile to escape from the planet.

As an alternative scenario, if the travellers have access to grav tanks or similar military equipment, they may be hired to eliminate the cybertank so that salvage can be collected or a new mining colony can be established.

The Cybertank’s Domain

From orbit the automated emergency distress signal appears to be coming from the highly radioactive wreckage of a type A Free Trader “SS SWAMPDOGE”. The wreck is on the outskirts of the ruins of a mining outpost.

When the players arrive in orbit the cybertank is in its repair bunker in low-power mode (see below). A difficult (-6 DM) sensors check is required to detect the cybertank there and the PCs will likely land before they are aware of it.planet of the cybertank map - medium (more…)

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JAK Cargo Droids

Cargo Droids

These droids are the three best-selling models manufactured by John Doer’s Heavy Robotics (JDHR) division. All three feature wheels on an adjustable width suspension and a pair of cargo arms that the droids use to lift and carry cargo containers.

The JAK-10 is rated to transport one ton of cargo, the larger JAK-15 is rated up to 1.5 tons, and the big-wheeled JAK-AT-20 is rated to carry two tons of cargo across rough terrain. All JAK models are programmed with custom coordination software that allows groups of them to work together to move larger loads.

JAK-10 – Strength 25 (+6), Dexterity 9 (+1), Hull 1, Structure 2, Intelligence 3 (–1), Education 5 (–1), Social Standing 0 (–3)

Traits: Armour 1, Huge, Specialised Computer/1 (running Intellect/1 and Expert Trade (any physical)/1)

Weapons: Cargo Arms (Melee (unarmed), 2d6 damage)

Price: 65,000 Credits


JAK-15 –  Strength 30 (+8), Dexterity 9 (+1), Hull 2, Structure 2, Intelligence 3 (–1), Education 5 (–1), Social Standing 0 (–3)

Traits: Armour 1, Huge, Specialised Computer/1 (running Intellect/1 and Expert Trade (any physical)/1)

Weapons: Cargo Arms (Melee (unarmed), 3d6 damage)

Price: 75,000 Credits


JAK-AT-20 – Strength 35 (+9), Dexterity 9 (+1), Hull 3, Structure 3, Intelligence 3 (–1), Education 5 (–1), Social Standing 0 (–3)

Traits: Armour 2, Huge, Specialised Computer/1 (running Intellect/1 and Expert Trade (any physical)/1)

Weapons: Cargo Arms (Melee (unarmed), 4d6 damage)

Price: 95,000 Credits

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Droid Military Ship 0110110100110001

This is the first military ship built by the Droid Uprising. It is entirely of droid design, designation 0110110100110001 (M1).

Armored front and back with fifteen tons of thick crystaliron angled plate, this is the toughest little jump-capable ship that the droids could build from the wreckage of the space hulk Cretaceous.

This ship has no life support capability or accommodations for living crew. Other than the bridge, drone storage, and one ton for cargo, every ton of this ship is designed for fighting. A 4 gravity maneuver drive, a 4 parsec jump drive, and a triple turret make up the majority of this ship’s systems.

Extensive stolen software is installed on this ship, giving it the ability to operate with no crew. In essence, the ship is a spacefaring droid.

0110110100110001  TL Tons Price (MCr.)
Total Cost (MCr) 81.96  12
Hull 2 streamlined 100 2.2
Structure 2
Armour 12 crystaliron  12 15 6.66
Jump Drive B jump 4 15 20
Manoeuvre Drive B thrust 4 3 8
Power Plant B  consumes 2 tons / week of operation 7 16
Bridge standard 10 0.5
Computer model 4 rating 20  12 5
Software intellect, jump control 4, evade 2, fire control 4, autorepair 1, library 15.4
Electronics basic military +0 DM, radar, lidar, jammers 2 1
Weapons triple turret – particle beam, beam laser, pulse laser 1 6.5
Fuel one jump 4 and two weeks of operation 44
Cargo 1 1
x Staterooms none
x Low Berths none
Extras probe drones (5) 1 0.5
repair drones 1 0.2
fuel scoops 0 0
Maintenance Cost (MCr monthly) 0.00683
Life Support Cost (Cr monthly) 0

When first built the 0110110100110001 is crewed by four droids:

    • S432K – steward droid with diplomacy 0, electronics (scanner) 1 software – SENSORS / COMMS
    • AT-504 – astro-repair droid with navigation 0, engineering 1, repair 1 software – ENGINEERING
    • AQ-980 – astro-repair droid with navigation 1, pilot 1, repair 0 software – HELM
    • VKT-43 – “Victor” – security droid with tactics 1, gunnery 1 software – COMMAND / WEAPONS

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business botIn outer space trade is a risky proposition. Between space pirates, aliens, and the legal vagaries of different planetary governments it can be difficult to even get goods from place to place. If space merchants encounter poor prices when they try to sell their goods, all of their hard work does them no good monetarily.

For Travellers buying and selling goods in spaceports an experienced broker can be the difference between making a healthy profit and barely scraping by. In Traveller, for every transaction each point of the Broker skill results in a %5 difference in price. Yet many Traveller players will not choose careers that might give them the required skills.

For crews that find themselves slowly going bankrupt a clever solution is a droid with the broker skill. The BrokerBot-73, a common model mass produced by Vinestead-X-Interstellar (VXI), comes loaded with Broker 2, Admin 2, and Translator 1, making them capable of managing trade in multiple languages, and getting good prices. The advertisements claim that a BrokerBot-73 “can increase profits from interstellar trade by an average of %20 (profit increase not guaranteed.)”

BrokerBot-73 (TL 13)
Strength 6 (+0), Dexterity 6 (+0), Hull 2, Structure 2
Intelligence 9 (+1), Education 12 (+2), Social Standing 7 (+0)
Traits: Computer/3 (running Intellect/1 and Expert Broker/2 – BrokerBots also have Expert Admin/2 and Translator/1 available)
Weapons: Punch (Melee (unarmed), 1d6 damage)
Price: 120,000 Credits


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Vesuvius Heavy Combat Walker

These massive war machines, dubbed “assault mechs” by their designers, dominated the battlefield at the height of the stellar era. Their moniker came from the fact that these types of combat walkers were designed and used to spearhead ground assaults and to destroy or hold objectives. Few other ground units are as heavily armed and armored – these walkers are even able to face off against light starfighters.

Vesuvius Combat WalkerThis combat walker is a TL 14 update of the fabled Galactic Monopoly (GM) Vesuvius-class assault mech with the latest in gauss, fusion and rocket weaponry. The anthropomorphic form, advanced fire control systems and neural control helmet allow humanoid pilots unparalleled reaction time and accuracy. It also carries the most armor of any combat walker design that saw widespread use.

Cost (Cr.) 31,705,700
TL 14
Skill drive (walker)
Agility 1
Speed 125 kph
Range 800 km
Crew 1 pilot
Cargo none
Open no
Hull 16
Structure 17
Armor  150 (225 front, 100 left and right, 75 rear, 100 top, 100 bottom) +13 (ERA)
Shipping Size 75 tons
Height 24 meters
– hard point (right arm) – 22mm heavy gauss cannon (14d6 mega-AP, very distant range, 100 rounds), 19 spaces, 10,000,000 Cr
– hard point (left arm) – RF Plasma B Gun (14d6 destructive, distant range, auto 4) 16 spaces, 1,500,000 Cr
– missile bay (torso) – artillery rocket pod (16d6, distant range, auto 12, 30 rockets) 4 spaces, 52,000 Cr
– improved fire control (+4 DM)  100,000 Cr
– manipulator arms (Str 24, Dex 16)  190,000 Cr
– laser anti-missile system (TL 13, +2 to negate hits, 2D6 damage), 4 spaces, 250,000 Cr
– explosive reactive armor type IV, 0 spaces, 125,000 Cr
– neural link (+2 initiative, +2 agility),  1,050,000 Cr
– advanced navigation (+3 DM),  50,000 Cr
– TL 10 communications (encrypted continental), 1 space, 8,000 Cr
– advanced electronic countermeasures (TL 14, +3 DM, ), 40,000 Cr
– advnaced sensors (TL 14, +2 DM, very distant range), 1 space, 62,500 Cr
– hostile environment protection, 1 space, 50,000 Cr
– life support (short-term, 1-4 days), 1 space, 20,000 Cr
– stealth (class III, +3 DM),  3,200,000 Cr
– smoke, 0.5 spaces, 1,000 Cr
– flares, 0.5 spaces, 1,200 Cr
– chaff, 0.5 spaces, 2,000 Cr
– prismatic aresol, 0.5 spaces, 4,000 Cr
– extra armor (superdense) x 15,  15,000,000 Cr

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Energy Swords

Referred to by a number of different names, these energy swords are the ultimate in melee weapons, and in the hands of a trained user can even be used to defend against ranged attacks.

A common design utilizes a gravitic field to create a variably-solid containment sheath for a powerful continuous ion, laser, or fusion stream. The gravitic field shapes the energy, gives solidity when blocking or parrying, and the energy stream is otherwise allowed to burn things touched. Basic models use a thumb switch to control the field’s mode. Others have a gravitically solid center. Older designs simply have an on/off toggle.

The resulting “lasersword” or “plasmablade” has incredible destructive capabilities. It can cut through bulkheads, vaporize projectiles mid-flight, ignite flammable material, and reflect energy blasts. The light weight of the energy “blade” means these are very fast weapons, good for lightning-quick strikes, blocks, and parries. The wielder’s melee (blade) score is considered to be +1 for the purposes of reducing the attacker’s attack role when parrying. Parries can also be made against ranged attacks with these weapons. For example – a character wielding one of thees laser-swords with the skill melee (blade) 2 would reduce the attacker’s roll by 3 points when they used the parry action.

These blades also allow a new type of reaction, known to the laser-saber masters as the “bunt block” (the origin of this phrase is lost to time). When successfully parrying a projectile attack with one of these weapons, the wielder can then make a difficult (-6) melee (blade) skill check to redirect the attack against a nearby target. Target reactions to dodge and rules for cover apply as though this were a regular attack roll.

Some of these weapons utilize specially tuned psionic crystals to allow psychic users to channel their mental powers into the weapons. Due to the nature of the psi-crystal’s tuning, these generally need to be purpose-built, either by the wielder, or by one versed in psionic crystallography. These versions add the wielder’s psionic attribute bonus to attack rolls and damage dealt and increase the cost of the weapon by %50.

At the referee’s discretion untrained users who bungle while wielding these blades might accidentally dismember or maim themselves.

Some versions include advanced safety controls that modulate the gravitic containment field in such a way that the wielder cannot hit themselves with the blade. A gravimetric sensor attached to a purpose-built safety computer controls the field, connected to an additional gravitic field that prevents the energy blade from touching whoever is holding the hilt. This safety feature increases the cost of the weapon by %30.

Long-handled energy spears are a variation on these weapons, but due to their shorter blades are not as good for defense, and give no bonus on parries. Short-bladed energy dirks are also sometimes built for close-quarter fighting, but are also not as useful for defense. Neither are usable for parrying ranged attacks – only the swords allow enough coverage.

Energy Swords

Weapon – TL, Required Skill, Damage, Heft, Cost (Cr.), Mass (Kg), Special

Basic – TL 14, melee (blades), 3d6 damage, 0 heft, 3,000 Cr., 2 Kg, Ultra-AP (ignores 6 points of armor)

Advanced – TL 15, melee (blades), 4d6 damage, 0 heft, 5,000 Cr., 2 Kg, Ultra-AP (ignores 8 points of armor)

Supreme – TL 16, melee (blades), 5d6 damage, 0 heft, 10,000 Cr., 2 Kg, Ultra-AP (ignores 10 points of armor)

Psi-crystal – TL 16, melee (blades), 5d6 + Psi modifier damage, 0 heft, 15,000 Cr., 2 Kg, Ultra-AP (ignores 10 points of armor)

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Kraken – heavy quadruped amphibious walker

krakenMechTopSmDesigned to defend static emplacements or settlements from land, sea, or air units, these massive four-legged combat walkers have a heavily armored hull that is streamlined for underwater movement. This allows them to also serve as fire-support platforms assisting amphibious assaults, or to attack boats and naval forces from the darkness of the sea.

The primary armament of the Kraken is an immense 35 mm mass driver. Mounted in a turret and fired from the walker’s stable four-legged chassis this mass driver has a range of 25 kilometers and is capable of destroying almost any target smaller than an armored spaceship.

For attacking targets while under the water, the Kraken uses a “blue-green” laser cannon that is wavelength-tuned for optimal sub-marine range in a small chin turret, typically operated by the Kraken’s commander.krakenMechSm

Finally, to strike airborne targets, they mount an anti-aircraft TAC missile with a range of 50 kilometers. On an external hard point, it can instead carry an anti-armor or anti-personnel TAC missile. (more…)

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Einhorn – heavy quadruped combat walker

einhornMechSmA larger, updated successor to the venerable Quarterhorse mech chassis, the Einhorn class combat walker also saw extensive use at the dawn of the stellar era. Like the Quarterhorse, they mount the main weapon in a small forward turret, in this case a gatling laser with a range of 5 km. Mission versatility is achieved through two light TAC missile hard points, which can carry anti-armor, anti-personnel, or anti-air missiles as needed.

They are still sometimes used as command units due to their long-range communications, heavy armor, and extensive defensive systems. On the battlefields of the Inheritance wars they were frequently deployed to provide fire support and anti-air cover for lances of Quarterhorse mechs.

Einhorn heavy quadruped combat walker with long range air defense capabilities
System Details
Cost (Cr.) 1,314,200
TL 10
Skill drive (walker)
Agility 0
Speed 80 kph
Range 300 km
Crew 1
Cargo none
Open no
Hull 6
Structure 7
Armor 40, (60 front, 40 left and right, 20 rear, 40 top, 40 bottom, 60 turret front, 40 turret sides, 20 turret rear)
Shipping Size 30 tons
Height (m.) 8
Weapons light turret with TL 8 gatling laser (6d6, auto 2, distant range)
2 hard points for light TAC missiles (missiles not included)
Extras AFV
extra legs (+1 drive on rough or uneven ground, +1 to hit)
laser anti-missile system (TL 10, +1 to negate hits)
advanced controls (+1 agility)
advanced sensors (+2, very distant)
standard navigation (+2)
TL 10 communications (encrypted continental)
long term life support
prismatic aerosol
extra armor x 4

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