Naahaogo: the mountain goat people

Beast Men (Na’ah-aogo): Known as beast-men by their human neighbors, but calling themselves the Naahaogo, these creatures dwell in the barrier mountains north at the headwaters of the river that flows through the wild woods separating the gnomes and humans in the lands on the north shore of the Soral Sea. They are thought of as dangerous savages by the humans south of them, and have fought settlers and raiders from the human kingdoms.

They are organized into small family units and are primarily nomadic gatherers. They have the aspect of men with the head and hind legs of a goat, with a good pelt of fur across their entire bodies, giving them a hardy resistance to cold weather.

They receive a +4 racial bonus to jump, climb and balance checks and are well suited to the mountain terrain in which they live.

They recieve a +1 racial adjustment to dex and con and a -2 adjustment to intelegence and -1 to charisma.

Their favored class is ranger, but druids and barbarians are common among them.

Their society tends to be neutral and slightly chaotic as do individual members of the race. They fight with longbows and spears, though their warriors favor many weapons such as greataxes, greatswords and longspears.

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