Banquet of Horrors

jeweledflatwareIn sumptuous banquet hall in the Tower of Zards, the walls are festooned with skeletons in manacles. On a table laid with golden plates, cups, and cutlery, there lay beautiful bejeweled forks bearing a curse. Upon picking a fork up characters are compelled to begin eating themselves. Every round affected characters must succeed on a DC 13 Charisma or Strength saving throw or stab themselves with the ornate fork and eat their own flesh, dealing 1 HP of damage.

The skeletons in manacles will begin a mocking, cruel cackling if anyone picks up a fork and takes a bite of themselves.

If they are incautious, multiple player characters may end up feasting on themselves. The curse can be temporarily interrupted by intoning a solemn prayer to the gods, or through use of a cleric’s turning power. The curse can only be ended permanently by a remove curse spell, or by melting the cutlery down, destroying most of their value. Until such time, any time the cursed PCs eat something, the curse activates again, they find the evil fork inexplicably in their hand, and they must make a Charisma or Strength save every round as described above. This may lead to fatigue or inability to rest if the players don’t eat so as to avoid the curse.

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Statue of Limitations

Each statue of limitations appears to be a humanoid statue between eight and twelve inches, with one feature diminished in size. These features correspond with which stat attribute they limit to a highest value of 14. Greater statues of limitations limit these values to 10, lesser to 18.

When the figurine is worn around one’s neck, its effects radiate 5′ in all directions, affecting others.

If a statue of limitations is broken or destroyed, its effects are nullified, its power departed.

Each feature on the statue that appears diminished on the statue is so limited. Figurines with all six attributes limited appear with all six features diminished.

Price: 8,000gp, lesser 4,000gp, greater 16,000gp.

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Gloves of Choking

This normal-looking pair of leather gloves is laced with a set of extra-long laces. Once worn, the long laces wrap around the wrists and arms of the wearer, binding the gloves to the wearer. Once this happens, the wearer must make a DC 20 Will check or be forced to choke the nearest creature as if under the affect of a charm person spell. If the wearer successfully chokes his neighbor, he will move on to his next-nearest neighbor until the enchantment is broken.

This is particularly deadly when characters try on the gloves while their companions sleep.

Moderate transmutation, CL 7th, Craft Wondrous Item, charm person, Price: 2,000gp.

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Sword of Damocles

Known for its troubling effects on men throughout spoken history, the sword of Damocles has left an indelible mark on the stories that frighten children. The sword itself is a cursed long sword of leadership -2 (attack, damage, and leadership rolls).

It is said that this weapon finds a way to lead the wielder into peril, and causes those led by the wielder to behave less faithfully. This sword is also deceptive; the wielder believes she is receiving bonuses rather than the hindrances.

Craft Wondrous Item; CL 11; Curse; Price: 15,000.

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Book of Blindness

A book of blindness looks like a normal tome on some very interesting topic, with the exception that an malicious-looking eye graces the leather cover. Any character who opens the work and reads so much as a single word therein must make two DC 15 Will saves. The first governs the left eye, the second the right. Failing either of these rolls causes the reader blindness in the associated eye. If both rolls are failed, then both eyes become blinded. To destroy the book, a character must burn it while casting remove curse. If the book is placed with other books, its appearance instantly alters to conform to the look of those other works, with the exception of the malicious eye that etches itself into the cover of the new book.

Moderate enchantment; CL 10th; Craft Wondrous Item, blindness; Price 1,500 gp.

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Poison Armor

This cursed armor sends a poison through a set of small needles into the flesh of its wearer. Poison armor is available in all forms of armor. Alternates include poison clothing of various sorts. Common targets include noble outfits.

The poison deals 1d4 Con damage every minute that it is worn. In the first minute the wearer experiences a mild euphoria, then in the second a dense high. It is not until the wearer has taken 8 or more Con damage that she realizes she is unwell. Once the curse is lifted and the armor is removed, the wearer takes 1d4 Con damage per hour until the poison is cured.

Moderate necromancy; CL 7th; Craft Wondrous Item, poison; Price 56,000 gp. It takes many days to properly prepare this armor trap.

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Cut-less Cutlass

This cursed blade makes it harder (-2 to attack rolls) to hit enemies. Otherwise, it is normal.

The adornments on the hilt of the sword hint at lands where volcanoes loom overhead and coconuts and pomegranates contitute a portion of the local diet. The sword is unique, the result of a craft wondrous item gone wrong. It has been in the hands of a unknowing pirate for many years now, a pirate whose battles have left him increasingly scarred and broken.

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Helm of Entrapment

This helm employs an illusion to trick the wearer into putting it on backward, so the eye holes face backward. This effectively blinds the character, and since the item is cursed, the wearer cannot willingly remove it. A remove curse spell will allow the wearer to doff the entrapping helm.

Moderate transmutation; CL 7th; Craft Wondrous Item, bestow curse; Price 1,300 gp.

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