Heritage Feats

These feats represent mixed ancestry from another race and give your character powers or abilities inherited form their other bloodlines. You can use these feats to represent the arcane tendencies that come from having an eladrin great-grandmother, or the temper from a distant dragon in your family tree.

Characters of any race can take these heritage feats – even from the race that your character already has. When you take a heritage feat from your own race, it represents a particularly strong bloodline that your family has.

Once you take a heritage feat from a particular race, you count as a member of that race for the purposes of meeting prerequisites for that race’s racial feats. In this way heritage feats work somewhat like multiclass feats, in that they give your character access to feats they did not already have. Of course, just because you have access to the feat does not mean you can take advantage of it. For example, a little dragonborn heritage does not give a character a breath weapon, so the feats that modify that breath weapon would do nothing for your character.

These feats do not count as prerequisites for racial paragon paths or epic destinies.

All the feats presented below are available to characters in the Heroic tier.


  • Dragonborn Anger – Encounter, Free Action – You receive +1 to your next single attack roll. Usable only when bloodied.
  • Dragonborn Recovery – Daily, Free Action – Add your Constitution modifier to the next healing surge you use.


  • Dwarven Gut – Gain resist 1 poison, and a +2 to saves against ingested poisons.


  • A Touch of Fey Magic – Your character gains use of the wizard cantrips.
  • Roots in Another World – Add +1 to the distance of all your teleports.


  • Lively Step – Encounter, Free Action – Add +2 to your move speed until the beginning of your next turn.
  • Elven Senses – Gain a +1 to your Perception checks.


  • Turn on the Charm – Encounter, Minor Action – Add +2 to your diplomacy or bluff checks for the remainder of this encounter or the next 5 minutes.


  • Just a Little More – Daily, Free Action – Add +1 to one roll that you just failed.
  • Big Heart – Receive a +2 racial bonus to saves vs powers with the fear keyword.


  • Heave Together – When successfully assisting on a skill check, add +3 instead of +2 to the total skill check.


  • Arcane Blood – Receive a +1 racial bonus to Arcana skill checks.
  • Feindish Skin – Gain resist 2 to either cold, poison, electricity, or thunder.

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The Way of the Orcish Warrior

Presented here are several new racial feats for orcs. As a highly ferocious and warlike people, many of these feats give orcish characters and villains further martial options.

Orcs traditionally use all kinds of axes in battle, and many of the orc gods, including Grumsh, are armed with some type of spear.
Axe and Spear Specilization (Heroic Tier)
Gain proficiency with Axes and Spears and +2 damage with those weapons

You put your massive physique behind every swing your opponent allows.
Brutal Challenge (Heroic Tier) Fighter only
Add your constitution modifier to attack and damage rolls to attacks granted by combat challenge.

Ferocious orc warriors learn to channel their bloodlust and continue fighting even when their wounds would kill a lesser being.
Orcish Bloodlust (Paragon Tier)
Your healing sure value increases by your constitution modifier.
Your Warriors Surge power does additional damage equal to your con modifier.

Masses of scar tissue from many old wounds make your skin a thick and hide-like.
Orcish Fortitude (Paragon Tier)
Gain +10 hit points and your healing sure value increases by your constitution modifier.

Bloodlust Charge (Paragon Tier)
When you charge you can use any at-will power with the weapon keyword in it.

Kill me? You have to do better than that! I kill you!
Never Surrender (Epic Tier)
You can use your Warriors Surge twice per encounter.

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Coordinated Attack

Prerequisite: either sneak attack +1d6 or Intelligence and Wisdom 13

Benefit: This feat allows two or more characters who have this feat to coordinate their attacks. To use this feat, all characters who wish to coordinate their attacks must delay their actions until the last character in the coordinated attack. Then, for each melee attack that any of the characters are successful in landing, the characters can choose to deal a single temporary point of damage each to either strength or constitution.

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Passionate Leader

You are the kind of leader that people rally behind and put in the extra effort because you do so well at leading by example.

Prerequisite: Leadership

Benefit: Passionate leaders can spend passion points to boost their followers’ morale and effectiveness during combat. They can also gain temporary bonuses from each of their followers who have passion points to spend. The exchange is one point of passion for a +1 to hit or +1 damage or +1 on a save for the duration of a particular combat, or one passion point for a point of charisma for the duration of a banquet with a foreign dignitary. The DM must exercise judgment when assigning durations to these bonuses.

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Fringilla Style

Characters with this feat are adept at using their foe’s momentum against them.

Prerequisite: Improved Unarmed Strike, Special: must be taught this martial art by the Fringilla Monks.

Benefit: Characters with this feat receive a +1 on their unarmed attacks against opponents who have just moved more than 5 feet. Additionally, they receive a +4 on trip checks made against those who have just moved more than 5 feet.

In addition, when two or more characters with this feat are fighting the same foe, they both receive a +1 to their attack rolls.

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Die Harder

Prerequisite Endurance, Diehard, Iron Will, Toughness


When reduced to -9 hit points, you remain stable. At this point, you begin to use your strength score as though they were additional hit points. Each point of damage you take reduces your strength score by 1 (this counts as ability damage). Once your strength score reaches 0 you immediately die.

When reduced to negative hit points, you may choose to act as if you were disabled, rather than dying. You must make this decision as soon as you are reduced to negative hit points (even if it isn’t your turn). If you do not choose to act as if you were disabled, you immediately fall unconscious.

When using this feat, you can take either a single move or standard action each turn, but not both, and you cannot take a full round action. You can take a move action without further injuring yourself, but if you perform any standard action (or any other action deemed as strenuous, including some free actions, swift actions, or immediate actions, such as casting a quickened spell) you take 1 point of damage after completing the act. If you reach 0 strength, you immediately die.


A character with diehard usually dies once reaching -10 hp.

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Press Attack

“En guard!”

This feat allows a combatant to follow a melee opponent who is attempting to retreat. A character with this feat, if they have not taken a map move on their turn, can take a 5 ft. step to follow an opponent that they threaten.

It is not possible to use this feat wearing armor that slows ones movement, or while encumbered.


Dexterity 15, Dodge, Mobility. Cannot be used while the character’s movement is reduced for any reason, or while wearing medium or heavy armor, or while encumbered.


Normally, a character cannot move when it is not their turn. This feat allows a character who did not make a move on their turn to take a swift five foot step in pursuit of someone that they threaten. This feat can only be used once per round.

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A Touch of Magic or A Touch of Faith

For some people, by an accident of birth, or a confluence of the stars, a smattering of arcane study, or a blessing by a fairy godparent, there is a certain natural ability for magic, or a special blessing by the gods. This affinity or blessing allows these people to cast a few small spells every day.

These feats are only available to characters who do not have any spellcasting abilities when they take them. They allow the character to cast a few low-level spells in spite of a lack of extensive magical or ecclesiastical training.

If choosing cleric or druid spells, the character must have a wisdom of 10 or higher. If choosing wizard spells, the character must have a intelligence score of 10 or higher. And if choosing bard or sorcerer spells, the character must have a charisma score of 10 or higher.

Option 1: the recipient of this feat can cast one 0th level spells per day. This spell must be prepared from either the cleric, druid or wizard list. The recipient of this feat must choose which list at the time that they take this feat. If choosing wizard, use the character’s intelligence score to determine save DCs, and if cleric or druid, use wisdom. These spellcasting abilities require a holy symbol or a spellbook just as the spellcasting abilities of the classes they mimic.

Option 2: the recipient of this feat can cast two 0th level spells per day. These spells can be cast spontaneously, and require no preparation. At the time the feat is chosen, the recipient must choose three spells from either the 0th level sorcerer or the 0th level bard spell lists as the available “known spells” from which to cast this spell. Use the character’s charisma score to determine spell save DCs.

Regardless of which option is chosen, these spells are considered separate from and stack with any spells gained from the character’s other spellcasting features. 

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Swift Counterspell

Happy May Day!

To celebrate, we’re intorducing two new feats designed to make the use of the counterspelling ability easier for spellcasters. Through careful study, some casters become so swift at counterspelling that they prevail in any wizard’s duel.

Swift Counterspell [metamagic]

Prerequisite: Improved Counterspell

Benefit: You may now counterspell as a swift action.

Normal: See counterspell rules

Reflexive Counterspell [metamagic]

Prerequisite: Swift Counterspell

Benefit: You may now counterspell as an immediate action. Once per round, you may counterspell even if it is not currently your turn.

Normal: See counterspell rules

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