Undersea Armors

These armors are often worn by soldiers of the Deep Sea Gnomes, but are not uncommon among the other underwater races.

Sharkskin Armor This very tough light armor is made from the hide of the sea’s deadliest predators. Exceptionally supple and light, underwater combatants prise it for it’s unrestrictiveness. Additionally, skilled armor-crafters can fashion this armor so that the shark’s sharp scales act as armor spikes by alternating the bands of skin, causing the scales’ edges to protrude. Special oils must be used to keep the armor supple and preserve it in aquatic environments.

Armor Bonus: +3 Maximum Dex Bonus: +5 Armor Check Penalty: 0 Arcane Spell Failure Chance: 10% Speed (30ft): 20 ft. Speed (20ft): 15 ft. Weight: 15 lb. Cost: 35 gold

Sharkbone Armor About as protective and tough as a breastplate, parts of the shark’s cartalige, connected by sharkskin, are fashioned into a medium armor that mainly protects the torso. Skilled undersea-armorworkers can incorporate the shark’s jaws and teeth to create ridges of shark-tooth armor spikes on this armor. The cartilige of a sharkbone breastplate remains tough and supple in aquatic environments and does not impede the wearer’s movement much. However, if it is taken out of the water for more than a day or so it dries out and becomes brittle, stiff and useless as armor.

Armor Bonus: +5 Maximum Dex Bonus: +3 Armor Check Penalty: -2 Arcane Spell Failure Chance: 25% Speed (30ft): 20 ft. Speed (20ft): 15 ft. Weight: 30 lb. Cost: 300 gold

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Emerald Sea

With Austin’s enduring twice our expected rainfall for the year (already in July!) we figured we should share an underwater treat.

This green sea is set along the southeast coast of the continent of Wastaru. The warm waters teem with life of various sorts, including many species of jellyfish and anemone.

At the bottom of the Emerald Sea is an aquatic kingdom rimmed by a large coral reef, within which live many herds of coral horses. The kingdom is ruled by aquatic elves who are powerful masters of water and weather magic. The extensive royal family delegates different offices and fiefs to various sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles in a complex and shifting balance of power. Their subjects include tritons and other merfolk from surrounding regions.

The volcanic activity and fault line that runs along the center of the sea have help formed the multiple small island chains which can be found in the Emerald Sea, including the Lítlos Islands, the Recant Islands, the Anatatu, and Gavaan Islands. A map will show them in relation, and posts will follow which will detail these each in time.

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