Adventure: The Dragon of Krom Frykt – Wilderness Encounters

Welcome to the second in Claw Claw Bite’s series of weekly adventure posts! Today we present the overland travel portion of our serial adventure. Having taken up the quest to rescue the dragon’s treasure from the goblins who hold it hostage, the players must now travel north to the dragon’s lair in the Smoking Valley. For the adventure’s introduction, click here.


Over Hill and Dale – The players will face minor hardships while traveling to the dragon’s lair.

Hazard – CR 1/2 – 50 XP per player – First they must make three DC 7 acrobatics checks as they traverse the rocky mountain slopes on their way to the dragon’s valley – failing a check results in a fall for 1d6 points of damage.

Creatures – CR 4 – 1200 XP – During the journey a pair of lynxes will stalk the party. If they can they will sneak up (Stealth +10) and attack stragglers or pounce during a moment of confusion such as after a party member falls.

Hazard – CR 1 – 100 XP per player – Two different geothermal vents present a hazard as the party approaches the lair’s entrance, and unless players make a successful DC 17 Dungeoneering or Survival skill check they will have to make DC 13 Reflex saves to avoid blasts of hot poison gasses that deal 1d8 points of damage.

The Dragon’s Cave – Once the players reach the entrance read or paraphrase the following:

The rocky hillside, cracked and smoking from various vents, descends to the valley floor here where a wide, low cavern lies. A natural stone awning canopies an open space of small scattered rocks. Within, a dark passage emits heat and haze.

One goblin hides among the rocks in at the entrance (DC 20 perception to spot) and watches the approach (perception +0). If he sees the party approaching the cave he will alert the goblins in area 1 (see below).

An alternate entrance can be discovered through investigating the vents on the hillside above and succeeding on a DC 20 nature, survival or dungeoneering skill check. Success means they discover a fissure on the hillside above the cave, which leads to a corridor behind the entrance guards (area 2 on map).

To continue into the dragon’s lair, go here.

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