Bunnies & Burrows adventure – Get Eaten Park

This deadly Bunnies & Burrows (1st edition) adventure was written by one of my favorite local artists, Ross Wilsey of Puppetose fame.

Download the PDF of the adventure here.

A note from the author:

I semi-recently wrote a Module for the classic Watership Down RPG “Bunnies & Burrows”!!! I wanted to spread it to the world for free. It’s the most meat grinder RPG ever. In B&B even at high level, your life ain’t worth shit. I’m a grognar from way back and will never change.
I made this for the ages, in hand-drawn inebriation, and is my gift to our dying grey Earth. Please share this too on your wonderful site, if possible. Keep up the terror.

Thank you for all of your wonderful and horrifying art Ross. I love it. Doom on!

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Ale Break: Romantic Musings

Writing romantic storylines for your players is very different from the typical RPG story. But as a potential source of interesting dramatic storytelling it’s tempting to try.

Fantasy writers have never had to think up something romantic for a specific person, guessing at what they’ll like, and role-play it out with their audience while looking that person in the eye.

It brings up all type of issues, even if you’re two players who’s characters play out some type of romance.

Which player do you write the 1st romantic storyline for? Or do you try to write a storyline for each of them that takes place at the same time?

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