Stalking Eye

This is an eye of the Old One (featured in Unicorn Rampant’s Horror of the Old Ones), one that was severed or broke free from the body of the colossal god. The stalking eye is deaf, so it can be snuck up on, but has a supernatural sense of sight.

Stalking Eye CR 13
lawful evil with chaotic tendencies
Large Aberration
Init: +3 Senses: darkvision 60′
Listen -2 Spot +22

Languages: Telepathy 60′ and either common or none

AC: 26 (-1 size, +3 dex, +14 natural)
HP: 101 (12d8+44)
Defenses: SR 18, DR 5 / good
Saves: Fort: +9 Ref: +7 Will: +11

Speed: 5 ft., fly 20 ft.
Attack: Lightning Touch +9 ranged touch and bite +7 melee (2d4)
Full Attack: Lightning Touch +9 ranged touch and bite +7 melee (2d4)
Attack Options: Lightning Touch, Spells
Space / Reach: 10ft. / 5ft.
Base Attack: +8 Grapple: +12

SQ: DR 5/good, SR 18, All-around vision, flight
SA: spell like abilities: blur
Feats: Alertness, Flyby Attack, Great Fortitude, Ability Focus (Otherworldly Gaze), Quicken Spell-Like Ability (Blur)

Abilities: Str: 11 Dex: 16 Con: 18 Int: 16 Wis: 14 Cha: 15
Skills: Hide +10, Knowledge (arcana) +13, Knowledge (planes) +8, Search +18, Spot +22, Survival +6

Spell-like abilities: 1/day – blur (caster level 8)
DR: 5 / lawful (axiomatic)
Spell Resistance: 18


Stalking eyes will focus their otherworldly gaze on their prey, then close into melee with their claws and lightning touch, using their smaller eyes to affect their opponents and heal themselves.

Lightning Touch (Su): Stalking Eyes of the old ones can generate, as a free action, a burst of electricity from within their bodies that damages and may stun their victims. The touch deals 1d8 points of electricity damage and stuns the target for 1d4 rounds. A DC 21 Fortitude save avoids the stun effect – the save is constitution based. They may use this ability once per round, delivered by melee attack.

Otherworldly Gaze (Su): As a standard action begotten can focus their otherworldly gaze upon a mortal creature and create a haze of confusion as the spell. A DC 18 will save is required to avoid this confusion (save is wisdom based), which lasts as long as the begotten concentrates upon it. This is a mind-affecting ability.

The stalking eye also has a series of small eyes, each of which has its own ability per round, as it gazes at its foes:

Fear: works like the spell, but affects only a single creature.
Inflict Critical Wounds: (ranged, 30 ft.) inflicts 4d8+10 points of damage (Will half).
Cure Critical Wounds: heals 4d8+10 point of damage.
Slow: like the spell, but only affects one creature.
Dispel Magic: like the spell.
Fireball: like the spell.

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The Chamber of the Old One

Now that The Horror of the Old Ones has been released, here is the final encounter in the adventure. To see more, check out the 56 page adventure at here!

The short, slick slope leading from the last chamber ends here at the shore of a pool of briny water. The water surges with the pulse of the ocean, small waves lapping at your feet. To the left a large cavern stretches out.

This dark cavern swirls with strange mists, and high above the ceiling seems to fade and reappear in patches with the mist, revealing distant, bright, hard pinpoints of light in an inky blackness above.

At the far end of the chamber, in a crater shaped pool, stands an immense oval-shaped mass. It’s irregular surface is streaked with veins of purple, black and green minerals, and broken by a crack large enough for an ogre to pass through. Fragments of the strange oblong lie below the crack.

This 100 ft by 50 ft ovular cavern is the chamber of the Old One. Before the dawn of man, the old one’s cocoon traversed the spaces between the worlds. It crashed into the sea here, creating the Onuago bay and the mountain of rock called harpy point with it’s impact. DC 30 knowledge arcana or craft metalworking will reveal that the cocoon is made of iron, with veins of adamantium and magesilver throughout.

In the eaons since then, the sea’s ceaseless crashing and later the scrabbling of the Children of the Sea have excavated this place. Then, with his ritual, Ernaldus fully wakened the Old One, who burst out of it’s cocoon to sew madness and ruin in Onuago.

The pool of water leads to the sea at the west side deep below harpy point. The old one’s will has prevented the water from flooding in to fill this chamber up to this point.

The roof of this chamber is shiftingly transparent, and reveals the stars that wheel above regardless of the time of day or night.

Creature: the Old One dwells here, and is likely either in it’s vessel or out at the bottom of the bay. If in the bay, it should emerge from the briny pool and attack the party from behind as they examine the chamber and the cocoon.

Old One: HP: 175

Tactics: The Old One will likely begin it’s assault with a chain lightning and dominate person and then cast blink as it strides towards the party, allowing it’s wisdom draining gaze attack and it’s slow aura to do their work. As long as the party is not being particularly effective, it will use it’s melee attacks to slay them. If seriously threatened, it will retreat via dimension door, summon a chaos beast, and use lightning bolts to eliminate the most effective foe, be it spellcaster or warrior. The Old One will fight to the death.

Treasure: There are Adamantium and Magesilver deposits in veins in the interstellar asteroid. If somehow retrieved, they are worth approximately 50,000 gold.

Development: After the defeat of the old one, the sea rushes in to cleanse the chamber. The body of the old ones floats strangely and is washed out. As it passes, the players can make a DC 12 Strength check to grab it and hold on as they are carried out by the surging water. The body will quickly rise to the surface of the bay, and begin to drift towards Onuago on the now calm water.

Failing this, the party must swim (DC 13 swim checks, to travel 100 ft. to the surface of the Bay) or leave by magic.

The empty husk is deposited like a beached whale near the near the shore of Onuago.

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