The Eight Sacred Armors

Many scholars who study dusty ancient tomes have read of the Sacred Armors of, for example, Heaven, which lends glowing wings of flight to the wearer, or the unfortunately common Demon Armor, a loathsome clawed abyssal creature that one can wear as protection. And the similarly tragic Berserker armor of Limbo. Only those with true Guts can survive that mythic armor for long, as the wearer can not feel any pain while wearing it. But quasi-astral pshyoastronologimists that I have visited with postulate that each phase of octoethossection will tend to evoke an iconic armor into demihumanoidimaginationmanefestation vortices.

Hence, as observed during long multicosmic explorations, with protective bonuses measured in the +1 to +4 range:

  • “Heaven”, the Angelic Breastplate grants the wearer flight speed 60 feet per round and use of the light spell at will.
  • “Mercy” suit of golden chain mail that grants the wearer a bonus of 1d12 HP to any healing spell or effect and is considered light armor.
  • Berserker Armor which grants a the wearer advantage on Strength checks and on Saving Throws against effects that impose a condition on the wearer, such as webs that restrain or spells that charm. Additionally, the DM secretly keeps track of HP for the Player’s Character.
  • The Helm of Truth grants use of the spell Detect Thoughts to wearer at will, but is unable to lie unless they succeed on a saving throw.
  • The Shining Crown – most scholars agree that this headpiece does not exist, but there are some who believe it is possessed by the Lady of Pain.
  • The Skull Knight’s Helm – wearer can see invisible and ethereal creatures and objects, has advantage on Perception checks to see hidden foes, can detect magic at will.
  • Chaos’s Shield allows the bearer to resist a chosen damage type for one hour, once per day, as a reaction.
  • Inferno Armor grants fire immunity and deals 1d4 fire damage to natural or unarmed attackers.
  • Shadow Armor gives the wearer advantage on Stealth and cold resistance.
  • Demon Armor (per DMG).

It has been observed that these powers grow in proportion to the scale of heroic action achieved by their holders, which enforces the theory that these armors are spirits from the outer realms who have taken on a form that interacts with the wyrd skein of fate and elevate the glory of those who bear them. I postulate that these spirits in material form are somehow also fueled or enhanced by the resultant psychic-spiritual energy of their bearers.

-Alidol, High Mage of Soguer

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