Location: The Port of Onuago

Also known as Onuago Port-town by the foreigners who’ve settled it, Onuago (in the marsh tongue of the native Wyndm-folk, “where the river meets the sea”) is a colonial town, and it prospered greatly from the trade generated by the inland resources, carried out by native slaves. In the past five years, ever since the Lazy River changed its course, the town has been on a a decline. Rarely do foreign ships enter the Old Bay, and increasingly the townspeople are unwilling to venture seaward. There is still a native population in small pockets in the region which you are free to introduce at any time. A sample camp will be included in a later post.

When the party arrives by sea, read the following:

As you disembark, you note the tufts of spanish moss which dangle from the ancient oaks that dot the streets of Onuago. The streets seem desolate and a silver mist hangs in the moist air. The buildings are set close to one-another, pulling at your most closterphobic strings. To the southeast end of the town, the docks form a hedge against the Old Bay, perhaps serving a purpose more like a levee, as they are covered in sandbags. The Lazy River has overflowed its banks, dividing the town into murky east and slightly-less-murky west banks. The west bank appears inhabited, but the east bank appears deserted.

The players notice before too long that there are only elderly and children in the town. The children have smooth, olive skin and move much faster than the rest of the city’s denizens.

The town once prospered as a trading port, but now it seems stuck in time, reverted to a fishing village. Various skiffs, canoes, and other vessels line the docks, and in the early morning, the elder men still head to sea, their profiles set against a foggy backdrop. The east portion of town on the other side of the river has been abandoned, and is dangerous to travel in.

Main characters:
• Adept: 6th
• Aristocrat: 4th
• Barbarian: 3rd
• Bard: 6th
• Cleric: 4th – old drunk sod – a failure – wanted to do conversions but failed
• Commoner: 9th
• Druid: 4th
• Expert: 10th
• Fighter: 7th
• Monk: 1st
• Paladin: 2nd
• Ranger: 3rd
• Rogue: 5th
• Sorcerer: 2nd
• Warrior: 3rd
• Wizard: 3rd

Creatures in and around Onuago (for use in random or planned encounters):

• Kelp Angler (CR9) along coast
• Mud Slaad (CR6) in marsh
• Octopus Tree (CR12) in river delta, east side of Onuago
• Swamplight Lynx (CR7) in marsh
• Mudmaw (CR7) in marsh
• Morkoth (CR5) underwater
• Darktentacles (CR7) in marsh
• Catoblepas (CR6) in marsh
• Reekmurk (CR6) in water along shore

Gather Information / Divination information

• The town has fallen on hard times (DC 5)
• The annual celebration at Castle Stiegleitz is not being held as usual this month (DC 15 before ghost event, after ghost event completed DC 5)
• Baron Stieglietz isn’t coming out of his room anymore (DC 20)
• Person at the inn has been moaning in pain and disturbing other occupants, but he won’t come out of his room and has barred the door somehow – former servant of S just died and is haunting the room (DC 5)
• The priest of Kord in village of Elsemere is acting strangely (DC 20)
• The son of Elsemere’s thain refuses to go hunting anymore, though that used to be his favorite activity-and his hair has turned completely white (DC 20)
• Weird shit is going on in Elsemere (DC 15)
• Ex-knight robber baron & other bandit elements on way to castle
• Creatures taken up residence in basement of a house in the east side of Onuago and are scaring people there (talk to Bard for DC 10)
• The dead scholar was poking around about weird shit (DC 5)
• Fishermen and tales of monster at sea (DC 5)
• There is a pirate cove at harpy point (DC 10)
• People are getting killed along the way to the village and no one knows by what (DC 5)
• Bog hounds can be heard at night (DC 5 / event)
• If the party tries to secure passage on another vessel to Galorad, they find out that there are no vessels that are seaworthy enough to make a long voyage (DC 5)
• If the party makes a DC 3 Gather Information check, or if they ever ask the DM why the paint on the sign above the door is fresh, they learn that the inn used to bear a different name. If they succeed on a DC 20 Gather Information check, they succeed in getting someone to tell them what the old name is, which is something that the innkeeper doesn’t want people to know: XXXX

Onuago overview map:

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