The Lands of Northbay

The Lands of Northbay area covers the stretch of land beginning from the Olde Bay and leading north to the Nagy Tömeg mountains, over which lies the Central Valley. On the northeast edge of the Lands of Northbay, over the Cyrűk Mountains we find the rough fishing towns of the Jæruel a merchant coalition, which to the north begin the Fjordlands, the first part of the Northlands. On the west end of the lands of Northbay past the Great Marsh lies Elsemere Wood, a forest which is mostly pristine, but in recent years has grown partially corrupt on its southeast side.

The Northlands do not have a central government; Onuago and Elsemere are too much on the decline, and the local robber baron Baron von Stieglitz has even disappeared from the public eye. The towns of the Jæruel are the best hope for this region.

Notable locations:
* The Port of Onuago – colonial port town which has seen hard times
* Elsemere – Old logging town also on the decline
* Talook – Hamlet on the road through the Cyrűk Mountains and Castle von Stieglitz
* The towns of Jæruel:
– Tannen – capital of Jæruel – bustling port town – what Onuago was built after
– Flego – fishing village
– Uppwint – named for the strong winds that bring fog and quick shifts in the weather to this quaint fishing village
– Trover – fishing town
– Alabaster – inland named for the stone mined from its cliffs
– Arwyonne – abandoned fishing town ten miles east of Onuago

* Lazy River – the source has never been found somewhere within the Elsemere Mountains, passing through Elsemere Wood where it makes its way lazily through the Great Marsh to Onuago where it is channeled around the town and out to the Olde Bay. This river has been known to change course many times over the years, leaving traces of past flows as it does.
* Swift River – passes swiftly, hence the name, out of the Cyrűk Mountains, past Talook, depositing into the Olde Bay a few miles east of Onuago.

Other Geographic Features:
* The Great Marsh – a large, mostly unexplored marsh that occupies most of the land from Elsemere to Onuago.
* Goduanil – bleak moors where the sky is always overcast, which end in cliffs that overlook the Olde Bay in the center of its north shore.
* The Great Elsemere Wood – large forest, mostly unexplored by humans. The upper two-thirds is pristine forest, but the lower third has been corrupted by a tainted cult working out of the Shada Monastery in a clearing in the forest.
* Cyrűk Mountains – these begin as rocky hills and quickly become treacherous crags. The safest route through the mountains follows the road. In winter, this pass is completely impassable.

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