Native Camp

Gathered here on this dry hilltop under a twisting tree is a group of wyndm. Several patchwork tents are circled around a large cooking fire. Hounds stand and eye you warily as they catch sight of you.

The native population of this region has been forced to live nomadic lives. They travel in two-to-three-family groups, so they will be encountered in groups of 8-32. Feel free to include them if it is useful, otherwise you can omit them.

Creatures: Wyndm folk commoners (8d4), wyndm-wolves (1d4): these nomadic people are wary, as they live in this dangerous swamp, but if approached peacefully they are friendly. With a DC 15 diplomacy check they become helpful, and will offer travelers warm food and a place to rest if they like. They know the swamps well, and can give the characters accurate directions to Elsemere: follow the river upstream. Altogether half of the people in the camp are combatants, and have the stats below.

: CR 1, usually NG, commoner 2, AC: 13 (leather armor +2, dex +1) touch 11 flatfooted 12, HD: 2d4+2, HP: 9, Attack: +2 spear 1d8+2 or +2 shortbow 1d6, Fort +1, Ref +1, Will +0

: If attacked the men and women will fight with spears and shortbows, the wyndm-wolves will circle and flank and trip, while the children hide or flee into the swamps. If the battle goes badly for them, they will abandon the camp and attempt to flee into the swamp.

: if the camp is looted, roll for treasure for a CR 1 creature for each combatant in the camp.

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