Mad Treant

Suddenly a tree to the side of the path ahead falls and crashes onto the trail, blocking it. The tree then begins to move strangely as though writhing, and a low groan can be heard. After a few moments the tree is upright again, but swaying violently. It’s lower trunk separates into two leg-like appendages and it begins lurching slowly towards you. A face can be made out on it’s trunk and it babbles incoherently in a mix of common and sylvan.

Creatures: This normally benevolent forest creature has been driven mad by the evil influence of the woods. When it reaches the party it acts as though under the effects of a confusion spell: each round it has a 40% chance of attacking the nearest creature, a 10% chance to act normally, bemoaning the evil in the forest, a 20% chance of fleeing, and a 30% chance to babble incoherently.

If the players cast remove curse, break enchantment, or heal the wisdom damage it has suffered, the treant becomes friendly.

Darkmoss the Treant: HP: 77

Development: If the players manage to cure Darkmoss’s insanity, it may become a valuable ally. It knows about Father Ernaldus and the Shada Monks, and believes they are somehow tied to the evil in these woods. If asked it will join the players in tracking down and fighting them, and can lead them to the monestary by way of the ruins. It is not interested in helping the party beyond the woods.

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