The Ten Princedoms

After King Vandor passed, his kingdom fell into the hands of his ten sons, none of whom agree on how the land should be run, so each have moved into separate residences and have defined ten states which they each administer. It’s a tenuous peace, but a peace nonetheless.

They have a sister, the youngest child, who has disappeared following Vandor’s death; rumor has it that she has become a witch in the neighboring Phyloctæte.

The mainland states and islands and their princely rulers, in order of birth (age in parens):

Vandorn is the central mainland part of the old Kingdom of Vandor. It is ruled by the sickly prince Hanik (38), the eldest son of Han. The Shankil and Dromgul Rivers come together just to the east of the city of Hanton.

Oesten is the easternmost mainland part of the Ten Princedoms. It has a bit of a frontier feel to it, which Ernik (36) hopes to take advantage of. He is trying to move the border east into unclaimed lands.

Hendgen is nestled between Vandorn and Oesten. Tanith (33) runs this state from Edige, the city over the river of the same name that runs from hills of still the same name.

Illyan is the westernmost mainland state. On the western edge, the Border Forest serves as a buffer from the Phyloctæte, a strange land of unexplained magics. Kres (31) has gained a lot of popularity throughout the Princedoms by keeping the military strong and the border protected.

The islands:

Gennintan is the rocky island north of the mainland. It is administered out of the west-central city of Gennt by the fifth child, Pan (29). The south end of the island is full of natural resources, and the north end of the island is protected to the point of being only partially explored.

Gauphan is the island north of Gennintan, ruled by Garles (27), who tries to steer clear of his elder brothers’ powermongering. He is still sometimes drawn into disputes, along with this younger brothers, but constantly complains about it and often withholds his support until the last minute, when he usually sides with the underdog.

Phennen is the west of the twin islands just north of Vandorn. Fain (25) lives in the old mage tower on the south end of the isle, with views of the twin isle and the mainland.

Bannen is the east of the twin islands just north of Vandorn. Klaran (23) lives in the castle which now bears his name on a hill overlooking the strait on the west end of the isle.

Hauphingan is the green isle to the northwest of other states, ruled by Hain (22). The verdant fields produce a sweet wine that is enjoyed throughout the Ten Pricedoms.

Trochu (also known as Lentoan) is a tiny island to the far north of the Ten Pricedoms, ruled by Launce (19). The mage Djander has been known to inhabit the island, and is possibly influencing the decisions of the young ruler.

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