Glacial Onslaught

RANGE/AREA Self (3 miles )
DURATION Concentration 4 Hours
SCHOOL Transmutation

This spell allows the caster to summon or move large formations of ice. Any glacier or iceberg within the area can be made to move at a rate of 1 mile per hour (or 10 feet per round), and can be moved towards or away from the caster. Any buildings, ships, or other objects in the ice’s path are destroyed unless built of metal such as adamintine or a similarly tough substance. Any creatures who are overrun by the slow-moving ice take 6d6 points of bludgeoning and cold damage on a failed Dexterity (or Reflex) saving throw.
If no glacier or iceberg is available, when cast the spell will create a huge chunk of ice that roughly fills an available empty 20′ cube of space and can be moved as above, destroying or damaging objects and creatures smaller than it.
* Material Component – an icicle, or a similar wand-shaped piece of ice

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