Room 3: Golem Guardian

A 40′x40′ chamber opens before you. Nestled in between two large stone fountains set into the wall, a rusty statue twice the size of a man dominates the far wall of this room. Its chest is puffed out, revealing an oversized keyhole. The heads of jackals adorn the walls above the marble fountain basins, their jaws open wide, spewing a steady stream of gurgling, sudsy liquid.

As they approach the fountains or statue:

Glowing embers illuminate the eyes of the ruddy statue. Its metallic jaw rumbles, spilling bits of nuts, bolts, and screws upon the floor. Finally, it speaks.

“I am G-L-M.  I hold great mysteries.  I will not attempt to bar your way – if and only if you can assist me in my existential dilemma. If you challenge my existence, or my authority on such matters, you will face my wrath.”

The rusty statue is a rusted iron golem with a door on its chest and inside there are various potions to heal and restore the party as well as one of Athganazar’s key fragments, an iron key.

If they answer the golem’s questions correctly then they gain the key and the potions.
If they do not answer the questions, then they must fight the golem and the potions will be destroyed. In this case, they will also need to find a way to open the golem’s chest, since it it rusted shut.


  1. What is my condition?
  2. What beast think you that crossed my path to bring me to this condition?
  3. What can be used to soothe my weary joints?
  4. What other materials are my brethren made from that would not suffer the same fate?
  5. Yet I am the mightiest!  Take these metal boxes and give me an appropriate name.  Not all boxes are needed, but all must be heeded. With this he opens his chest and out drop 10-12 boxes labeled with letters. DM Note: Use letter dice or tiles from a popular word game for this.
  6. Now tell me how I have earned this name and how I am the mightiest!

One set of answers the golem will accept:

  1. Rusted; angsty; bored; disused.
  2. A rust monster attacked the golem; the golem has been here between the fountains for far too long; golem has idled too long.
  3. Grease or some lubricant; the grease spell; a higher purpose.
  4. Flesh, clay, stone (also bone, straw).
  5. The answers to this challenge depends on their roll of the letter dice. They will have to make this up themselves – the more patronizing the higher chance of success.
  6. Here they should air on the side of honoring and praising the golem to earn its respect.

Upon success, the golem will seem pleased and it will present the healing potions and the iron key.

With each incorrect answer, it will take a 5′ step closer to the nearest adventurer and bellow “Incorrect!”, “No” or “This angers me.” With each correct answer, it will say “Correct” or “Yes” or “This pleases me.”

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