GenCon 2009: Saturday

This day was all about two events — our Arena of Death Battletech game and a late night playing of Tower of Gygax that ran until 7am. I didn’t know I could sit that long! Well, actually, I stood for most of the Battletech game, giddy with excitement and playing, and also at co-running the event.

Odd thing happened most of the way thru the game tho — the fire alarm went off and we all had to vacate the premises. When we returned, we were almost out of time to complete the game. This was too bad; we had a bunch of smaller ‘Mechs taking on two Marauders and I was still sneaking about in my Commando. Oh well, at least everyone ended up okay, save a guy who got a little run over in the excitement. He seemed okay tho; I saw him being carried out on a stretcher as I walked back into the Convention Center.

Tower of Gygax redux… played a Monk this time, and feigned death after getting my ass handed to me by a Minotaur/dragon. While the rest of the party were slaughtered, I snuck back and retrieved the Blueprints of the Tower from the beast’s chest behind his throne. Then, after hiding in the shadow of one of his tapestries, I snuck my way back out after he returned to his throne. Two nights, two powerful artifacts. I was proclaimed the Ultimate Champion of the Tower. Huzzah!

Good times both nights. I would play Tower of Gygax a hundred more times. I even became attached to my characters in this meant-to-go-through-characters-by-the-dozen adventure.

That was all I had time for; by the time I’m getting to sleep in the morning (8:30am), there will only be time to wake and bus to the airport.

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